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with Miss Clarke

Welcome to Ahlberg class page. Here you will find out what we are learning this half term.


Our core texts are: Little red Riding Hood  

















The Three Little Pigs.





We will be using the texts  for a range of purposes including drama, cross curricular learning and writing.


In Numeracy: 

We are going to be looking at Number bonds, more/less and numerous ways to solve addition and subtraction. 











In science we are looking at:


  • Material properties.
  • Every day materials.
  • Changing materials.
  • The best materials to use.


Our topic is: The Great Fire Of London.

We will be finding out what caused the fire, how long it lasted and why it burned for so long. We will find out the changes that were made  after the fire ended and will find out who Samuel Pepyes was and why he was important during the Great Fire.









In R.E we are focusing on: 

God’s rules for living (The Ten Commandments). We will be exploring what the Ten Commandments teach us about God and the way he wants us to live.

Please note:
Learning logs should be handed in every Thursday.
P.E days are MONDAY and FRIDAY.


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