Welcome to


with Miss Clarke


This half term we will be focusing on and working from the following texts:


Lila and the secret of rain.   





The Jolly postman.





We will be using the texts to write for a range of purposes including  non chronological reports.

Our current topic is: 

Why is water precious?

We will be  exploring where we find water, what we use water for, why it is important and what we can do to look after the water resources we have.






As part of DT we planned and made our own fish tanks…


In science we will be investigating why water is important for living things.


We are focusing on multiplication and then division.  

We are learning to multiply by using the resources to group  and multiply equally.

We used the cubes and plates to find the answers and  recorded the multiplication sentences .

We will be dividing by sharing equally. 

This week we worked together to make division word problems.

Religious Education: 

We are focusing on ‘Gods creation’ story.

We will be thinking about:

  • Retelling the story through art, drama and writing.
  • Thinking about what the bible tells us to do with Gods creation.
  • What we can do to take care of our environment and promoting this through art and writing.


We recently visited the Albany arts centre to watch  the performance of  HANSEL AND GRETEL.  All the children had a great time and we even had time to stop for a quick play in the nearby park! We used the experience to write a recount of the trip. 

Useful links:  www.ictgames.com