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With Mr Samuels

Trip to the Science Museum, January 2019

In January, we visited the Science Museum, to explore our topic on Earth and Space. We watched Hubble 3D – a movie about a team of astronauts trying to save the Hubble space telescope and the pictures caught by Hubble, of the universe. The movie allowed us to see inside Orion, one of the constellations we have explored in class.

We, also, visited the space exhibit, where we saw space suits; rockets; satellites; and were even able to put space gloves on, to see how it would feel to work and pick things up in space. In the ‘Making the Modern World’ gallery, we even saw the actual Apollo 10 command module.

Our final stop was the ‘Wonderlab’, where we experimented with forces, electricity and materials. We explored friction, on the slide; pulling forces, on the pulleys; liquid metal; freezing water, through a magnifying glass; and making static electricity.

Topic/Science – making parachutes and constellations

In Science, me made parachutes, to test the effects of air resistance and land an astronaut safely on a planet with the same gravity as Earth. We thought about how size affects the amount of air resistance and how to make our testing fair.

We, also, explored different constellations and made our own re-creations, with black paper, pastels and compasses. They are now displayed on our classroom window, for the sun to shine through, creating the effect of stars.

Literacy – ‘Way Home’

In Literacy, this term, we read a story called ‘Way Home’, about a boy called Shane, who befriends a cat on his way home one night. The story follows Shane – who we later discover is homeless – on his journey ‘home’, with his newfound friend. We started the term by using the first picture, as a stimulus, to write a class descriptive poem. The children, then, added their own second verses, in groups. Here is our class effort:

The terrified cat gazed with its beady eyes,

The threatening dog barked violently at its fierce victim,

A mysterious boy emerges from the black, unsettling darkness,

The sinister alleyway following from behind.