With Mr Bayne 

COVID-19/CORONAVIRUS – School is closed except for certain year groups from 8th June. If you are still at home,  please continue to use the ideas below to complete your learning. 

Important Notice: The following pages contain links to websites that we feel are supportive to the curriculum and safe but it must be noted that the contents of the websites are out of our control. Therefore, we recommend that parents check them before allowing children unsupervised access. Remember to stay safe online! 


Welcome to the Summer Term! Scroll down for new links and ideas for home learning. 



The Summer Reading Challenge has begun!

 This year’s Summer Reading Challenge has been adapted because of the disruptions caused by Covid-19, and the impact it has had on schools and public libraries. To support parents and carers with reading at home, the Summer Reading Challenge has launched earlier than usual.

This year’s theme is the “SILLY SQUAD” – a celebration of funny books, celebration and laughter. The website will be completely free and there will be a place for children to rate and review their books, and as always, work towards their reading goal. Other special features include: video content, games, quizzes, digital and downloadable activities to encourage children to take part in the challenge, even though it will be from home.

You can join in using the following link: https://summerreadingchallenge.org.uk

School Games Participation Fun 

Please join the St Georges team on the TopYa app created by School Games. Who can complete the skills? Who will get the most points? Linking to the principles of Competition this is not about Highest, Furthest, fastest or better skills. At this time participation is the reward. Points will be awarded for looking at the content and engaging with it and sharing video’s of their attempts. Please be assured that all video’s are checked and assured before posting so there is no poor content.

The special code for our school is: 24799

Responsible online safety: Children under 13 must have a registered parent account connected to their account.

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Visit the TopYa School Games website here.

Visit the School games highlight videos page here.

View the student tutorial video here.

View the parent tutorial video here. 


Weblinks for online learning sites across the curriculum: 

  •  The government have launched an online learning package. There are online lessons for different age ranges and curriculum subjects. Click on the picture below to go to the site. You can search for a lesson by subject or Year group by clicking ‘subject’ and choose one that interests you. Or you can follow the weekly schedule by clicking ‘schedule’ and complete the lessons set each day.Oak National Academy Twitter Trend : The Most Popular Tweets ...
  •  The BBC have expanded their website to include daily lessons and activities for different ages and subjects. You can use the Year 5 and Year 6 daily lessons. Some of the lessons, we have already covered but you can have a go to see what you can remember! Year 6 children, there is a lesson on starting secondary school which would be useful for you. 
  • Click the image to go to the site.The Skills Service | BBC Bitesize – Careers
  • There will also be daily lessons broadcast on https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer
  • Twinkl is an educational website that provides a variety of worksheets, power points and other resources for all age ranges. They are offering parents one month FREE membership. Sign up here https://www.twinkl.co.uk/offer using the code CVDTWINKLHELPS. 

See the source imageWe have been contacted by staff at Lewisham Hospital & Queen Elizabeth Hospital Woolwich to help them make their staff break rooms more cheerful for the NHS staff at this time. If you would like to help, draw a lovely picture with a message of thanks, your name, age and school name. Your parent/carer can send a photo or scan of your picture to the school office on admin@stgeorges.lewisham.sch.uk. We will print & laminate them to give to the hospitals. Thank you!

Active 60 Minutes 

  • Remember to keep up your active 60 minutes a day! You can still complete your miles as outdoor exercise is permitted under government advice.
  • https://www.gonoodle.com/  This website has lots of exercises and fun dances to follow. You can sign up for free! 
  • https://imoves.com/the-imovement This website also has ideas for being active at home and information on how to keep healthy. 
  • Joe Wicks The Body Coach is leading PE on his youtube channel at 9am Monday-Friday. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ
  •  Try some Yoga for kids here 
  • Lots of ideas for active learning across the curriculum here 

NSCPP Learning – Mental health and wellbeing

Children and young people may be worried about the impact of corona-virus, social distancing or self-isolation.

Childline provides a range of online tools that young people might find helpful while school is closed:

Childline can also give confidential help and advice. Calls to 0800 1111 are free or children can get support online.

Arsenal FC Key Stage 2 educational links: Home

They provide a couple of educational packs, with numeracy and literacy tasks that you can download. 

 Home Learning Timetable

We have created a timetable that you can follow at home so that you spend your time constructively.

Download a PDF version of this timetable to print at home here.

What we are working on in school:

Some Year 6 children are back in school. Below is a list of what we are working on with these children so you can join in at home. Please continue to use the websites listed such as Oak Academy, BBC Bitesize & Twinkl for more lessons to complete. You could search the ideas below on these websites for lessons/activities/worksheets related to these areas. 

Maths (don’t forget tasks are set on MyMaths)

We are revising:

working with money (addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and word problems). 

Fractions, decimals and percentages (equivalences, mixed numbers/improper fractions, adding and subtracting mixed numbers and multiplying and dividing fractions, finding fractions and percentages of amounts)

Revision of 2D and 3D shapes 

Perimeter and area


Angle sums & drawing angles 

Interpreting graphs and charts 


We wrote thank you letters to the NHS. Next we will be writing persuasive letters to the government relating to the opening or closing of leisure activities due to the pandemic. Then we will be writing balanced arguments on whether schools should have been fully opened now or not. 


We will be revising:

States of matter

classifying materials 

Rocks and fossils 

Living things and their habitats 


We are working on the topic work explained below. Then Y6 children will be completing transition work by researching their secondary schools and creating posters with the school emblem, location, uniform, subjects they teach etc. 

Our Summer 2 Topic

Has there ever been a better time to live here? 

See the source image

To answer this question, you need to find out as much as you can about other eras in the UK’s history. Then you can decide if you think another time would have been a better time to live here or that now is the best time.

You could research any time periods for example: ancient Britain, Roman times, Victorian times, 1940s, 1960s etc.

You could look at what life was like in those times to find out whether it was a better time to live here or not. Find out about food, fashion, leisure activities, politics, what school was like and many other aspects of life for each time period that you choose.

Once you have done all of your research, decide what your opinion is. Is 2020 the best time to live here in the UK or was there a better time to live here? Make a presentation to persuade others that your choice is right by using all the evidence from your research. You could use ICT and make a powerpoint to show you evidence or you could make a booklet or poster presenting your ideas.

Extra challenge: Which pandemic would you rather live through? There have been other pandemics throughout history such as the Black Death, the Spanish flu, Cholera. You could find out what it was like to live through those pandemics and compare it to what we are living through now with the Coronavirus. Again, you could make a powerpoint or poster to show your evidence and your opinion.


  • My Maths  https://www.mymaths.co.uk/ KS2 children each have a log in for this website where their class teachers set maths home learning. Tasks will be set weekly for children to complete. 
  •  This website has maths lessons for all year groups. There are videos & resources. They will be uploading five new lessons each week. 
  •  Third Space learning provide maths resources which we often use in class. They are offering parents the option to make their own accounts so you can access the resources. Click here to view a PDF explaining how to set up your account. You will need the School’s postcode which is SE23 2NE. 
  • Practise your times tables http://www.timestables.me.uk/ 
  •  NATWEST bank have activities to help teach children about money sense. Click here to go to the site. This could also help you in planning and budgeting for your Mini-Enterprise ideas. 


  •  For ideas on creative writing and videos to use as inspiration for stories, visit The Literacy Shed. We have already used some of these in class such as the ‘Chimp Sent into Space’. 
  • Y6 children can complete grammar learning on www.spag.com. Children also have individual log ins for this site. 
  • Children can practise spellings on this website https://spellingframe.co.uk/. There are games and activities linked to spelling rules and set spelling words for different year groups. 
  •  For access to thousands of free online books click here. Can you use one of the books as inspiration for your own writing? You could also write a book review of one of the stories or draw some illustrations.

Here are some useful links for home learning in science!

We now have Stem Scopes for students, similar to MyMaths, you can log in and complete a range of task. The link is: https://uk.3p.stemscopes.science/?action=login 

To get your log in username and password, message the admin email and you will receive the log in back on ‘admin@stgeorges.lewisham.sch.uk’

STEM learning:

The widespread school closures have created new challenges for everyone supporting young people. STEM Learning is working hard to develop and roll out a range of materials, which we hope will help you.

Our subject experts have put together a selection of resources – all of which are completely free for everyone to access. Our subject experts are also available weekdays from 8:30am to 4.30pm via our webchat, which you can find in the bottom right hand corner of all our web pages.


Resources focus on key food themes within curriculum areas, such as where food comes from, cooking, and healthy eating, but also offer a range of opportunities for cross-curricular (interdisaplinary) learning. Many resources and activities use food as a vehicle to provide engaging learning via subjects such as: numeracy, literacy, humanities, science, PSHE/health and wellbeing, D&T, religious education, and art.


The ‘Wild’ classroom; get engaged in some activities with the WWF and use the class resources. You could also join in the weekly activities with the YouTube channel. On this page the WWF are posting different activities each day to help children learn to love nature! 


You can sign up to ‘The Royal Parks’ newsletter and access online content, they will be sending out weekly activities to get involved in!

Such as: 

In this week’s newsletter:

  • Learn more about the bat species that are found in our parks
  • Get the family moving with our Fun Run through the Ages
  • Discover the role Queen Caroline played in creating the parks you know today
  • Join us in the City Nature Challenge this weekend
  • Entertain our younger supporters with Mission: Invertebrate Storytelling
  • Learn more about frogs and make your own frog spawn

The MET Office have put on some great resources: 


Met Office - Wikipedia 

Explore and download our resources :


Art Through the Ages (Ages 11- 14) | Trout Museum of Art

Linked to our topic, research art through the ages. Choose your favourite art style from history and recreate your own version. Remember to sketch ideas first, find out about the techniques and artists and then create your final piece. Remember, you can use different mediums such as painting, sculpture, collage, fabric.


If you would like some ideas for worship at this time, make sure you visit the school’s collective worship page here. There are ideas for prayers & songs based on our Christian Values and the Christian calendar. This is updated regularly.

Our Summer 2 RE Topic is ‘Liturgy’
  • Find out what Liturgy means
  • Research the Liturgical calendar
  • Design your own Liturgical calendar with illustrations.
  • Free 2018/2019 (Year C) One-Page Liturgical Calendar - Liturgy Letter



  •  Coding activities and tutorials here with the ‘Hour of Code’. 
  •  More coding here on scratch. 
  •  E-Safety. Remember when you are completing learning online to follow the SMART approach. 

Online Safety – Balfour Junior Academy

Two live Geography lessons this week, Monday and Friday at 10:30am.