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We have been looking at measurement in Maths. We have been learning about standard and non standard measurements for weight, capacity and length. 

For capacity, we made potions. We have to make sure we me out the exact amount or we might be turned into frogs! 



This week in science we were sorting herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. 

This week in maths we have been learning to find a quarter of a shape, number and quantity.

These are the bags we tested materials for in science and then created in DT.

Happy World Book Day! A big thank you to Terry the Troll for coming to read us a story and to WH smiths for being wonderful hosts!

Happy pancake day! We learned all about Shrove Tuesday and Lent. We enjoyed tasting the different toppings on our pancakes! They were delicious!


Our visit to Forest Hill Library!


This week in science we tested different materials to find out which would make the best shadow for our shadow puppets.

We found that card was the best material because it is opaque and sturdy.

As part of our learning about Chinese New Year we tasted Chinese food! We tasted chow mein noodles, spring rolls, prawn crackers, sweet chilli dip and vegetable fried rice! 


In maths we have been learning to double and halve numbers to 20.




This week  as part of our learning about materials, we did an experiment to find out which materials would make the toy car go furthest on a ramp. We tested, fur, carpet, laminate and sandpaper.



These were our results. The car tavelled 5 cm on the fur, 24cm on the carpet, 26cm on the sandpaper and 60cm on the laminate! The laminate was the best material for the ramp because it is smooth and there is less friction. 

Welcome Back!

This Half Term our Topic is ‘What can we learn about the world from Stories?’

These are the books we will be looking at in Literacy;

In science we will be learning about Everyday Materials.



In Maths we have been learning about Place Value. We have been using Diennes Blocks to show how many tens and ones are in a 2 digit number. 















In maths we have been learning to  use inverse operations to solve missing subtraction number sentences.

In science we are learning about plants. This week we looked at the different ways we can sort plants. 







In Geography we have been looking at Maps. We pretended to birds and created aerial maps of the small playground.


This half term in literacy we will be looking at the books;