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with Mrs King

Autumn 2:

This half term in Literacy we have been looking at fiction and non-fiction, sorting books into groups.  We have started the story of Cinderella and will be exploring how to write an invitation, a recipe and a diary entry


In maths we have been  exploring money and how to buy items using coins.  We have a role play pet shop I n which to practice our skills.  We have begun to look at shape, finding shapes all over the school!

In science we are looking at our bodies and how we can be healthy.  We have investigated how our senses work and how we can have a balanced diet.

In Topic we are planning a Healthy Friendship Party!  We need to decide what to buy at the shops on our trip, what games to play, music etc.  We have been exploring where our food comes from and learning the names of the continents of the world.



 Autumn 1:


We have started the year well, settling in and making friends in our new class. 



In Literacy we have be exploring Traditional Tales, starting with Little Red Riding Hood and moving onto The Three Little Pigs.  We have used drama, story mapping and illustration to re-tell the story.  We have also made wanted posters and even made our own books!



In maths, we have been looking at addition and subtraction.  We have used cubes, number lines, pictures, place value equipment and other resources to help us.  We have practiced counting forwards and backwards.




In science we are investigating materials and their properties.  We will be planning a fair test to see which material is best to make Red Riding Hood a new cape.



Our theme in Topic is Pride in Place.  We are looking at our local area and exploring maps.  In history we have been thinking about the Great Fire of London in 1666.  We have created beautiful art work based on fire.




PE this half term is ball skills, games and basketball.

Keep up the good work Jennings Class!