Welcome to

with Mrs King

Welcome to the summer term!

We are looking at non-fiction books and exploring how information is organised into sections.  We will be creating our own non-fiction books including key features such as a contents page and glossary.  Will Zigby Zoodle think we have done enough research to let us look after his animals?



Our children are becoming experts in Animals and their Habitats!  In Science and Topic, we will be understanding more about food chains and adaptation, looking at the work of Charles Darwin and Jane Goodall.



Some animals have visited our class!  In DT we will be designing and making a habitat-home for them based on their needs.





We will be using the BeeBot app to program. In this, we will learn more about quarter, half, three quarter and full turns, as well as position and directional instructions,
linking to our maths work.  We will also be using the iPads to assist our animal information research.

In maths, we will be reviewing all our learning so far and applying in real life situations such as weighing, measuring, ha
ndling data, and solving word based problems.  We have started using coordinates to code for where items are on a map.

Our PE topics will be tennis, cricket and athletics!  We are all looking forward to a summer filled with sport, persistence, fun and friendship!




Welcome to the Spring!

Jennings have been enjoying learning stories with magic in them!  We have looked at The Magic Bed and The Magic Paintbrush.  We have enjoyed drama, story-maps, descriptions with ambitious adjectives and writing our own versions of stories!


Our class novel at the moment is ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ by C.S.Lewis.  The children are enjoying exploring the magical and mysterious world of Narnia in this classic novel.  






In maths, we have looked at addition and subtraction of 2 and 3 digit numbers.  We have used place value equipment (hundreds, tens and ones) to help us.  We have used a range of methods – mentally, number line, column, drawing pictures… We have solved and made up our own word problems including ourselves and friends in them.  We have also been looking at 3D shape and created riddles for mystery shapes…

Our Topic is about the history of cars and other means of transport.  We have looked at and compared cars through time, from when they were first invented and are beginning to answer some of our own questions by doing research.  Our work on wheels is helping us with our science investigations into what materials would make good wheels and good roads?


Safer Internet Day is 5th February and the children have thought about many important ways to use the internet safely and have fun too!