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With Mr Bray

Welcome to Milligan’s website page showing what we have been up to this half term.


This half term we have been looking at Belonging by Jeanie Baker. The children have been interpreting the pictures and creating their own poems from the window scenes that are on each page.




We have looking at measuring converting centimetres into metres and vice versa. The children have made their own bar charts and we are now starting fractions. What is numerator and a denominator? 




Are bugs important? This is our topic for this half term. We will be looking at bugs and plants and how they are important to each other. 





This term the children will be learning to play the Ukulele. 




This term’s topic is ‘Who is Jesus?’ The class will be exploring 7 statements Jesus made about himself and looking at what Christians believe these statements mean.

  1.   I am the Bread of life;
  2.   I am the light of the world;
  3.   I am the good shepherd;
  4.   I am the gate/door;
  5.   I am the true vine;
  6.   I am the resurrection and the life;
  7.   I am the way, the truth and the life.