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With Mr Bray

Welcome to Milligan’s website page showing what we have been up to this half term.


This half term we have been reading Stone Mouse by Jenny Nimmo. We have written a diary from the point of view of Ted and now we are planning our own stories. 


We have been continuing working on how to solve word problems and are now moving on to multiplication. We have been learning strategies such as skip counting on our fingers, each finger represents a group of the multiplication table we are learning. So we can count 6, 12, 18, 24…



This term we have been looking at forces, so far we have looked at push and pull, magnetism and friction. 

We are very excited to be going to the Science museum soon!



We are learning all about the Benin Empire, this existed from 900 AD to 1800. We have looked at how the Empire grew through trading and how it started out with one family. We also looked at the ‘Bini’ creation story which is story originating in West Africa. 



We have a range of different projects the children have chosen from Origami to clay modelling.