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With Mr Bayne

Our trip for this term was a visit to the National Portrait Gallery. We learnt a range of new skills while drawing a portrait picture.

We also ate our lunch in Trafalgar square.


In numeracy this term we have been looking at rounding, we have used this in real life math. We measured real objects for their length, weight and capacity and then rounded the results. Here are a few pictures of us playing a rounding game and the real life math.

In science we have been looking at vibrations making sound, we tested our voice boxes, elastic bands, sound sticks and instruments. Here are some photos of us investigating.

We have been thinking about our health and fitness and completing the mile everyday!

We have been trying to learn the bus stop method, we have practically been moving and re-grouping to get a good understanding!



Spring Term

This term we have been very busy! We have visited the chocolate museum, we have had World Book Day and visited WHS.  We have had a Sikh visitor support our learning; we interviewed him about his faith and how this impacts on his day to day life. 


Just before Easter we completed our chocolate bars that we have been designing. We also made packaging and boxes to go with them. Here are a few photos of us making our bars. We took inspiration from our current book ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’


Summer Term

This summer we have started a new book, it’s called ‘Into the Forest’ by Anthony Browne.

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We have created freeze frames for one of the first scenes, the boy doesn’t know where his Dad is and mum doesn’t want to tell him either. Here are some of our freeze frames:


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We celebrated Pjamarama day, we acted out our favourite scenes from the book ‘The Green Ship’ 

Here are some examples: 

We have also been exploring capacity. In class, We have been estimating and measuring a range of containers. We used measuring jugs and beakers to find the capacity. 

We have had paired reading with Year 6 this half-term, here are a few pictures. We really enjoyed discussing books with the eldest children in our school. 


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We have just finished our professional Hockey coaching. We will now be leading this into a house tournament, here are a few photos to show us practicing.