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With Miss Michell 

Spring Term 1


Our topic this term is ‘How do we see? How do we hear? We will be looking at the functions of both the eye and ears and conduct many investigations to identify how they work. 




In literacy, we will be looking at the book Krindlekrax by Phillip Pullman. 








Autumn Term 2


We made Christingles and learnt about the symbolism of every part of the Christingle. 

Topic Day 

To finish our topic, children we allowed to come in dressed up as either; a Roman, Viking or Anglo Saxon. We had a fun-filled day with science investigations, games form the Roman era and finished the day with a feast with foods from these eras. 

Science – Parachutes

As part of our forces, we made parachutes of different sizes to investigate whether the surface area of a parachute has an effect on air resistance. 


Trip to the Chocolate Museum 

As part of our topic ‘Should we stop eating Chocolate’ we went to the chocolate museum where we explored heating and melting of chocolate and the temperature it changes – we then made our own chocolates. We also learnt about the history of chocolate – tasting healthy chocolates from a round the world. 


During Parliament week, we have been debating in literacy whether the Iron Man should stay or go. 


In breakthrough, many group designed and made volcanoes using paper mâché and mod rock. They they used vinegar, baking powder and red food colouring to represent the lava. Have a look at some of the pictures. 


We are reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. 


Our topic this half term is ‘Why Do We Speak English?’ We will be looking into how the Romans, Anglo-Saxons and Vikings had an influence in how we live today. 



This half term we will be looking at multiplication, division and word problems. 

Please make sure you are going on MyMaths weekly. 


Autumn Term 1


In literacy we are reading the book Charlie and the chocolate factory. 

Children have been writing in the role of the characters, writing descriptions, writing newspaper reports and writing their own chapters. 


We have been learning about Jesus’ miracles. We acted out the miracle of Jesus calming the storm. 



This half term we have been looking at number – place value to 100 000, adding and subtracting. 

Please make sure you are going on MyMaths weekly. 



In science we have been looking at the States of Matter. We have been investigating the 3 states and seeing what happens when we heat different materials such as chocolate. 

We investigated which sugars dissolve the quickest. 



Our topic is ‘Should we stop eating chocolate?’ We will be looking at where chocolate has come from, how it has changed over the years and whether it is good for us.