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Through summer term, Shakespeare class will be working on their mini-enterprise projects. They will plan and design their products thinking about costings for materials and projecting profits. Look out for our Mini-Enterprise Sale later on in the summer term! 


Science Chemistry Experiments

Shakespeare Class have been experimenting with chemical reactions. We learnt about how gases are released when you mix materials. When we mixed vinegar and bicarbonate of soda, the gas released inflated the balloon! 



Fairground Physics Trip April 2019 

Shakespeare Class attended the Fairground Physics trip at Crystal Palace Funfair. We got to go on rides and learn about the physics behind how they work. It was a very wet day but we still had a great time! The class managed to fundraise the cost of this trip too. 



Breakthrough Learning

Shakespeare Class have been working hard on their Breakthrough Projects. Projects range from sculptures, science and slime, making games, music technology and much more! We will continue to work on these projects through the year. 


London Eye Trip January 2019

Last term, Shakespeare class studied the book ‘The London Eye Mystery’ about Salim who goes missing whilst riding the London Eye. We managed to fund raise enough money to be able to go on a class trip to ride the eye! We did sponsored challenges and a biscuit sale. We really enjoyed the trip, tracing the steps of the main characters and investigating how the London Eye works. 


History Topic: Has there ever been a better time to live here?

This term, children in Shakespeare Class have been researching different eras in the past to decide whether there has been a better time to live here or not. They prepared persuasive presentations to try and convince the rest of the class that their conclusion was correct. 



Shakespeare PE lessons

This term, children in Shakespeare have been learning how to be PE coaches. Groups have taken it in turns to plan a warm-up,  activity or drill which helps the other children to develop their football skills. They then led the activity during our PE lessons. 




Trip to the National Portrait Gallery 

In October, Shakespeare Class went on a trip to the National Portrait Gallery. We took part in a session led by a real artist who showed us different drawing techniques. We used graphite sticks, carbon paper and mosaic paper. After our session, we spotted the only living portrait ever made of Shakespeare himself! We had a fun day and will try to use these drawing techniques back in class. 


Remembrance and the Centenary

We attended a special Remembrance service at St Paul’s Cathedral on Friday 9th November. In class, we found out about John Lynn VC. He was a soldier who lost his life in WWI, but he attended our school as child! Here is some of the work we did: