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We went on a trip to the Royal Greenwich Observatory with Berry class to watch a planetarium show and visit the meridian line. Here are some of the highlights:

As part of our space topic, we have been learning about the history of the geocentric and heliocentric theories. We held a ‘trial’ putting both theories forward with lawyers and witnesses and then the jury had to decide which theory was true! We used this to help us plan and write balanced arguments about the theories. 


In Science, we have been learning about the Earth’s rotation and revolution. We learnt that it takes 24 hours or one day for the Earth to rotate on its axis which gives us day and night. It takes one year for the Earth to revolve or orbit round the sun which is how we get seasons. We acted as the sun and the earth and had a go at rotating and revolving! 



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We studied Van Gogh’s painting ‘Starry Night’. We looked at how he created the stars, the moon and even planet Venus! We practised techniques with oil pastels and then created our own versions. We used pastels for our backgrounds and built up colour then used paper silhouettes in the foreground. 


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We have paired up with Berry class to complete a range of projects in our Breakthrough learning, here are some photos from Autumn term so far:

Our Autumn Term 1 topic is ‘Out of this world’ 

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At the start of the unit, we asked children what they already know, what they want to find out and ideas of how we could learn about this topic. 

Children planned scientific investigations on gravity, air resistance and our shadows throughout the day. This will help us to understand gravity in space and on Earth, how air resistance affects gravity, the Earth’s orbit and day and night. 

Children also planned ideas for musical compositions based on journeys through space. 

In literacy, we will be using visual stimuli to inspire our creative writing and working on non-fiction pieces. 

We will also be learning about time zones and scientific theories about our solar system through history. In art, we will be studying Van Gogh’s painting ‘Starry Night’ and creating our own versions. 

Children can extend their learning on this topic in their learning logs. 

Our RE topic is ‘What does it mean to be Buddhist?’

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We will learn about Buddhist symbols and beliefs. 

Important Information

  • PE is every Tuesday morning – ensure you bring the correct kit
  • Swimming is every Thursday morning – ensure you bring your swimming kit including hat
  • Shakespeare and Berry Class Trip to the Greenwich Observatory is on Wednesday 9th October.