Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)




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 EYFs gate opening times

Early years foundation stage (EYFS)

Welcome to St Georges EYFS. We are excited to introduce our new Early Years unit. Two Reception classes and Nursery share this brand new building with a large outdoor learning classroom.

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Both Reception classes work in partnership together, spending most of the day open as one class and separating for Teacher led carpet times. The outside learning classroom is shared amongst the EYFS with either teachers or Nursery Nurses outside to challenge, support and extend children’s play.

Meet the team:


The foundation stage are the youngest children in our school. We have a morning session for Nursery children for 3 hours each day.  The Nursery teachers are Katie Guyver and Evelyn Kennedy.

St George’s is beginning to expand and we now have two Reception classes.

The Nursery and both Reception classes have access to well planned, safe and challenging learning experiences, through our indoor and outdoor classrooms. Nursery and Reception share the outside area. There are three early year’s practitioner’s available outdoors for focus learning activities, observations, as well as safe guarding and extending children’s learning through effective questioning and challenging experiences.

The Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is based on children learning through play. The curriculum is broken into different areas of development (rather than subject areas).

The Prime Areas are:

-Personal, Social and Emotional Development

-Communication and Language

-Physical Development

The Specific areas are:



-Understanding of the World

-Expressive Arts and Design

Each area of development is important, and therefore should have an equal weighting within the delivery of the curriculum. At St George’s we recognise this and believe that it is important to develop the child as a whole. We work hard on children’s Personal, Social and Emotional Development, and the children learn the importance of sharing, turn taking and being independent learners and problem solvers.


We are learning all the time

Grown-ups sometimes I get messy, but it is because I am learning.

  -I used a knife and folk to cut up my school dinner.

-I learnt how to hold my pen and form letters correctly.

-At snack time I learnt that a tomato is a fruit and why it is important to stay healthy.

-I learnt to mix colours to make brown.

-I used magnifiers to find bugs in the mud.

-I used my senses to explore