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 Ideas for Home Learning during Nursery closure

For support with setting rules at home, managing behaviour and children’s emotional health visit http://www.familylinks.org.uk/

Visit the National Literacy Trust http://www.literacytrust.org.uk./ for story related activities. 

For free access to thousands of online books click here . Try the monster counting book and see which other stories you discover!

For more story times, games and activities visit the book trust page here. 

Whilst your children are at home there is still a lot of learning that can take place. Here are some ideas 

  1. Develop fine motor skills by encouraging children to draw and colour-in as much as possible. Make a book together with pictures of something that interests your child eg animals or Superheroes.
  2. Practice name writing – make sure you use lower case letters, and only a capital letter at the beginning of the name eg Sophie, not SOPHIE.
  3. Be creative – use old boxes, cartons and paper to make models – you could create a house, or a rocket , maybe a bus.
  4. Make dominoes out of old bits of card, count the spots and draw them on.
  5. Play shops – this is great for counting items. You could make money out of card too.
  6. Share stories as much as possible, if you run out of books create stories together.
  7. Develop scissor skills by cutting out pictures from old magazines and catalogues (use age appropriate scissors).
  8. Use jigsaw puzzles, build with blocks, play with dolls and cars – all these activities encourage and develop useful skills for young children

There are also a number of websites that are useful to help children play and learn – CBeebies  www.bbc.co.uk has educational games and creative activities that children will enjoy, it also has a range of stories available. The Government website Hungry Little Minds http://www.hungrylittleminds.campaign.gov.uk also has ideas for Home Learning.

You may also find this website useful when talking to your children about Covid 19.