Welcome to Year 1B

With Miss Sarris


Our class blog 2


Our Learning

Summer Term

Well come back! We hope you had a lovely Easter Break!

This half term our topic is ….. Why is Water Precious?



This week in maths we have been learning to multiply by creating arrays.

We will be learning about where water comes from and why it is so important for living things! We will be revisiting our plants unit to test the importance of water and finding out about creatures that live in water. 

In maths we have been learning how to find half and a quarter of shapes and a group of objects.


We went on a school trip to the Albany Theatre in Deptford! We watched a performance called Grandad’s Army.

Spring 2 Week 3/4/5

We have been doing lots of fun things to celebrate Easter!

We created Chocolate Easter Nests as well as Easter Cards and Easter bonnets!


Spring 2 Week 2

Our topic is now ‘Starry Night’ – we will be learning about space.

This week we have been looking at the story ‘Beegu’.

We used a range of materials to make friends for Beegu. We then wrote character descriptions using similes and interesting adjectives.












Week 6: Chinese New Year

We have been learning about China and how people celebrate Chinese New Year. We were lucky to go to The Horniman Museum and find out about the story of Chinese New Year. We got to try on traditional masks and test our chop sticks skills!
































 We tasted some Chinese food! The fortune cookies were the most popular!











Week 4/5

This week in Science we have been learning about changing materials.

We made bread and talked about the changes which occurred when we mixed the ingredients and then cooked the dough.










Week 2/3

As part of our topic we have been learning about India. We tasted traditional food from India , including naan bread, pilau rice, poppadoms and mango chutney. The poppadoms were the most popular! 
Next week we will be comparing India to China.







As part of our science learning on materials we have been investigating floating and  sinking. We started by predicting which objects would float/sink before testing them out by dropping them in water. We found that;

  • Some objects floated because they had air inside.
  • Some objects floated because they were made of plastic which is waterproof.
  • Some objects sank because they were too heavy e.g the marbles.












Week 1

This week in science we have been exploring different materials and what they are made out of. We sorted objects by what materials they are made out of.














In maths we have been learning about place value. We have been finding out how many TENS and ONES there are in 2 digit numbers.















Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday!

This term our topic is  ‘What can we learn about our world from stories?’

In literacy we will be looking at traditional tales from different countries.









In Maths we will be looking at Position, direction and ordinal numbers, place value and adding and subtracting larger numbers.

In Science we will be learning about different;








This week we have be learning about non-fiction books. We are going to write our own information page on our chosen sea creature. We went to Forest Hill library to find non-fiction books.
















In literacy we created our own puppets and then performed A New House for Mouse in groups.









We conducted a scientific experiment to see what would happen to white flowers if we put food colouring in the water.

What do you predict will happen to the flowers?










In Geography we have been looking at different types of maps. We created our own aerial maps of the playground.







This half term our topic is ‘Hello, I’m new here.’ As part of this topic we will be learning about plants in science, and our local area in Geography.

In literacy we will be looking at the books; A New House for Mouse, Billy’s Bucket and Bog Baby.

We worked in groups to create our own class book for A New House for Mouse.

In science we sorted different plants by different criteria.

In maths we have been learning to subtract numbers to 20 using a range of methods.

We followed a recipe to make our own biscuit bears.





As part of our RE learning about Weddings and Baptism, Year 1 went on a visit to St.George’s Church!








This week we went on a trip to Horton Kirby. We learned all about our 5 senses.

First we used our sense of smell to explore the herb Garden.
We created our own smelly potions, and then painted them around the playground for the animals to smell.


 We then used our sense of sight to find caterpillars in the garden. We found that the brown and green ones were the hardest to find because they were camouflaged. 

After lunch, we went on a sound walk. We listened carefully to the sounds around us using our hearing. We then paddled in the river – we used our sense of touch and hearing to explore the water.


In maths we have been exploring number patterns.


We then moved on to learning number bonds to 10!


In science we have been learning about ourselves. We drew around each other and labelled the different parts of our bodies.


Welcome to Year 1!

Our Topic this term is…

These are the books we will be learning about in Literacy;