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What we have been learning

Royal Wedding Celebration Day – 18th May, 2018

We had a celebration day for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  We dressed as Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses and wedding guests and had a fun day!  Look at our great costumes and some of the things we did……..







King Malick








Princess Nicole








King Ben and Queen Naomi







  We made wedding cakes.































Topic – Camouflage – May 2018

We’ve been exploring camouflage and how it helps animals in their habitats.  Can you find the hiding chameleons?




































Topic – Creating Habitats forMinibeasts – May 2018

We drew a design plan for a minibeast habitat.  We collect resources then worked together to create them.



































Literacy – Performing Poems – May 2018

In Literacy we worked in groups to learn and perform ‘Animal’ poems.








Our poem was called “Dogs”.








Our poem was called “At the Zoo”.










I performed a poem called “The Turtle”.

Literacy – Non Fiction Books – May 2018




























RE – Islam – May 2018

In RE we are learning about Islam.  We looked closely at prayer mats and designed our own.



















Battersea Park Zoo – 24th April 2018

On Tuesday we went to Battersea Park Zoo.  We explored different living things and their habitats.   We also had a lot of fun playing in the playground and petting a guinea pig.





















































Finding Right-Angles – Maths, 20th April 2018

We went on a right-angle hunt around the classroom.  We found so many!




































April 2018 – Summer Term

This half-term we have ‘Paired Reading’ with Year 5.

















































“The Twits” – Literacy and Art

In Literacy we have been enjoying reading “The Twits”.  We made Roly Poly Birds then described them in our writing.


Sports Relief – 21st March 2018

Children in KS1 played in a ‘house’ football competition for Sports Relief.  It was a fantastic afternoon.  Well done to Purple ‘house’ for being the overall winners.

St George’s Church Trip – 20th March, 2018

We walked to St George’s Church in Forest Hill.  Father Richard told us the Easter story and talked about why this time of year is important to Christians.

Science – Growing Plants, 9th March 2018

In Science we are learning about plants.  We planted sunflower seeds.  We watered them and waited!  After a few days they started to grow.  We measured how tall they were growing and kept a ‘Sunflower Diary’.

Maths – Money, March 2018

We can add coins together to calculate todays.  We can also find different ways to make the same amount of money.

PE – Gymnastics

This half-term we have been developing our Gymnastics skills.  We worked together creating routines.  We sequenced together different moves, eg. travelling, jumping, balancing…

World Book Day

We celebrated “World Book Day”.  Look at some of our fantastic costumes and those of others in the school!

Literacy –  “The Twits” 7th March, 2018

We re-created the “Wormy Spaghetti” chapter from the book.  Next we worked in pairs and created new tricks for the Twits to play on each other.  It was great fun!!  We acted them out then wrote down.

DT – Designing and Making Vehicles

We finished our “Transport” topic by designing then making our own vehicles.  

Paired Reading

This half-term we are doing Paired Reading each week with 1B.  


Literacy – “The Twits” 28th February 2018

We are reading “The Twits” by Roald Dahl in Literacy.  We worked in pairs creating portraits of Mr Twit before writing character descriptions.


Literacy and DT – 20th February 2018

In Literacy we’ve been reading “The Magic Paintbrush”.  We designed our own magic paintbrush and wrote our own version of the story.





London Transport Museum – 19th February 2018

On Monday 19th February we went to the London Transport Museum.  We enjoyed the Build-A-Bus session then exploring the Museum.





Science – 9th February 2018

We have been investigating cars and ramps.  We had 4 different ramps –  a wooden ramp, a sponge ramp, a carpet ramp and a sandpaper ramp.  We wanted to find out down which ramp a car rolled the furthest.  First we predicted, then we worked in groups and tested.  We measured how far each car rolled and drew a conclusion using our results.




Maths – 5th February 2018

This week we have been finding fractions of shapes and fractions of quantities.  We used counters to help us find 1/2, 1/4 and 1/3 of different amounts.  We made connections with multiplication and division facts we know too.




Art – 1st February 2018

In Art we have been looking at “Concentric Circles” by Wassily Kandinsky.  We created our own version using colourful felt squares.




PE – Dance – 30th January 2018

This week in PE we created ‘Circus” themed dances.  We performed them to the class.



Vehicle Models – 25th January 2018

We have been looking at different vehicles.  We created some models of vehicles.  Aren’t they great?




Story telling using Lego models –  22nd January and 24th January 2018

We worked in groups creating lego scenes.  Next we created stories which we filmed and shared.






2D Shapes – 17th January 2018

We made different 2D shapes using lolly sticks.   We can name all the 2D shapes and describe their properties.

Topic – 16th January 2018

This half-term we are learning about “Vehicles” and changes over time.  We sorted pictures of different vehicles and explored some of the changes.

Science – 11th and 12th January 2018

We looked at how materials can be changed by heating and cooling.  We used our senses to explore water balloons.  We made predictions about what would happen if we put them in the freezer.  The next days they had turned into ice!  

Art – 12th January 2018

Our Topic is “Vehicles”.  We bought in examples of our own vehicles to show.  We did some close observational drawings.

Drama in Literacy –  8th January 2018

In Literacy we are reading “The Magic Bed” by John Burningham.  We did a Freeze Frame activity and acted out different parts of the story.

Paired Reading – 4th January 2018

This half-term we have Paired Reading with Year 4.


Topic – The Great Fire of London – 19th December 2017

We pretended that King Charles II instructed us to rebuild London after it burnt down in 1666.  We worked in teams designing London town.  We drew maps.



RE – Making a Christingle – 18th December 2017

In RE we have been looking at the importance of light to Christians.  We made a Christingle and learnt what each part represents.


Data Handling – 11th December 2017

We have been using frequency tables to collect data.  We have then graphed our results and explained what they show.

Great Fire of London Art – 4th December 2017

We used tissue paper to create a fiery effect then added buildings using the silhouette technique.  These are some of our pictures.


Great Fire of London – 27th November 2017

We made houses using boxes and paper.  We pretended we lived in 1666 and our houses were burning in the Great Fire of London.

Solving Division Problems – 22nd November 2017

In Maths this week we have practised sharing out amounts equally.  We have solved division problems and written the matching number sentences.

Science – Investigating Materials – 22nd November 2017

We worked in groups testing different materials to find out which were waterproof.  We predicted, tested, observed and used the results to draw a conclusion.

Paired Reading

Each week we enjoy a paired reading session with Year 6.  


Baking Cupcakes – 17th November

We have been reading “Little Red Riding Hood”.  We baked some cupcakes to take to Grandma because she was sick.  We made links with Science and observed how the mixture changed from being a liquid when it was heated.  We decorated then ate the cupcakes.  They were delicious!


Remembrance Sunday – 11th November

We have talked about what Remembrance Sunday is and why people wear poppies.  A learning log challenge was to make Miss MacAlpine a poppy badge that she could wear.  She was very lucky to get some lovely badges.








Little Red Riding Hood

We have been reading different versions of “Little Red Riding Hood”.  This week we worked in groups, dressed in character and acted the story out.  
































Class Trip to London – 7th November 2017

Our topic this half-term is ‘Pride in Place’.  We spent a day exploring London and seeing the different landmarks. 













Problem Solving – 3rd November 2017

We’ve been developing our problem solving skills by playing Connect 4.










Measuring in centimetres – 1st November 2017

We can use a ruler and measure the length of objects accurately in centimetres. 











AUTUMN TERM 2017-2018

Topic:  Can party Food Be Healthy?

This half-term we have explored food groups, what eating a balanced diet means, where food comes from and what it means to be healthy.  We had fun planning a healthy food party.  We all helped buy the food, prepare the food and eat the food.  We discovered that YES – party food can be healthy!



















Literacy –  “Emily Brown and the Thing” text

In Literacy we are reading “Emily Brown and the Thing”


We made see-in-the-dark glasses like the pair Emily wears when she is in the deep dark woods.  Then we did some descriptive writing about the setting.





“I can see a tall thorny tree with needles as sharp as crocodile’s teeth” – Sebastian

“The spikes on the tree are as sharp as knives.” – Harry

“I can hear the grey wolves howling and I feel terrified!” – Maison

“The trunk of the tree is as scruffy as a dinosaurs scales” – Natalia

“I can hear a scared hungry cat meowing because it is as hungry as a fox.” – Emma


Class Trip to Horlands Farm

On Tuesday 26th September we went to Horlands Farm.  We learnt more about where food comes from.  We fed the livestock, picked fruit from the orchard and got the bedding ready for the cows.  It was a fantastic day! 








We used the fruit we picked on our class trip and cooked pear and apple muffins.  They were delicious.‚Äč








In Science we are learning about ways to keep healthy.  We have looked at the different food groups and created our own food pyramid.




We looked at this painting by Italian artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo.


We created our own artwork in the style of Arcimboldo!





In Maths we have been playing games and practicing reading and counting numbers to 100.  It’s been fun!