Welcome to Year 2

With Miss MacAlpine

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 Our class blog 2

Don't forget yr2 PE

Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday. Children need to have their PE kit in school all week and bring home to be washed on Fridays.

What we have been learning

DT and Science

In Literacy we have been reading “Grace the Pirate.” We took part in a Pirate Ship Challenge to create a boat that was:

  1.  waterproof
  2. had at least one pirate flag
  3. could safely carry Grace and her treasure back to the mainland

We designed our boat, chose the materials, create the boat then tested it in water.  We ALL successfully got Grace and her treasure to the mainland safely.





We looked closely at Henri Rousseau’s ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm” painting.  Then we created our own version.








Paired Reading

We have paired reading with another class in school each week.  Recently we’ve read with Reception and Year 1.





Maths – Division

This week we have been dividing numbers and solving division problems.  We have used practical objects and the interactive whiteboard to explain our problem solving.





RE – Learning about Islam

This half-term we have been learning about the Islam faith.  We have made simple comparisons between how Muslims and Christians pray and their holy books.

Medine bought in a prayer mat and a hijab and told us a lot of interesting information about how she prays at home and in the Mosque.


The girls and women pray in a different part of the Mosque to the boys and men.  I take my shoes off before going into a Mosque and I cover my head in a hijab.  We pray on prayer mats.  This prayer mat is my Mums.  


A Mosque is a place where Muslims worship.  I made a Mosque as part of my home learning.


Topic – Animal Habitats

We have been learning about different animal habitats.  We thought about the best habitat for mini-beasts then designed and created Bug Hotels.






Topics – Animal Camouflage

We have been looking at how animals adapt to their habitats.  We learnt that some animals can hide themselves against a background.  Camouflage is a form of defense against predators.

We blended chameleons into their background.  Can you spot them hiding in our pictures?









We’ve been looking at shapes and measures this week.  

We made different 3D shapes and described their properties.  We know how many faces, edges and vertices each 3D shape has!

We went on a right-angle hunt around the classroom!






Class Trip to the Zoo

On Tuesday 25th April we went to Battersea Park Zoo.  We looked at the animals, found out about their habitats and saw them being fed.  There was a great play park there too.  We had a terrific class trip.











The Owl and the Pussycat

We have been learning Edward Lear’s “The Owl and the Pussycat” poem.  We have created our own versions, acted it out, created bong trees then described them using similes and adjectives and painted scenes from the poem.

PE / Gymnastics

This half-term we have been learning different gymnastic skills in our PE sessions.

We practised balancing, travelling, climbing and jumping on different apparatus.  It was great fun!







In Science we learnt that many things we eat come from plants.  We grew cress from seeds then we washed it and ate it!





Red Nose Day

We had an ‘own-clothes’ day on Red Nose Day.  Most of us wore something red.

We designed our own Red Nose Day characters and made Red Nose Day iced biscuits.









This half-term we have been looking at ‘Easter’ in R.E.

Father Richard came into our class to tell us the Easter story and to answer some of our questions.



In Science this half-term we have been growing plants.  We grew sunflowers and cress from seeds.

We investigated what plants need to grow well.  We concluded that they need water, light, warmth and soil.  We discovered that seeds will grow in dark places but they are yellow in colour. They need light to get their green colour.









Literacy and DT

In Literacy we have been reading “The Black Dog” by Levi Pinfold.   We sewed sequins and beads onto felt squares then joined the squares together to make blankets for the Big Dog and the Little Dog.




Science Investigation

We have been reading “Mrs Armitage on Wheels“.  We decided to test which material made the best wheels.  We also tested how far different materials rolled down ramps.  

We worked in groups.

We predicted then measured how far each car rolled.

We used our results to draw a conclusion.





History Topic

We have been learning about the Great Fire of London. On Wednesday 8th February we went to the “FIRE! FIRE!” exhibit at the Museum of London.

It was fun and interactive.

Here are some photos of our day.

We tried putting the fire out! We used fire hooks, water squirters and buckets of water.

We re-built the town of London after the fire in 1666. Can you see St. Paul’s Cathedral?

In Literacy we have been looking closely at contractions. We played a matching game.

We also played an online game. Click HERE to play


We enjoy singing and music lessons every week with Mr Fisher.

This week we used instruments musically and experimented with creating and combining sounds.


On Monday 16th January we went to the London Transport Museum.

We saw vehicles from the past, the present and the future.

We enjoyed the hands-on activities and following a trail around the Museum to find different stampers.

Here are some photos of our trip

RE – The Lord’s Prayer

In RE this half-term we are exploring The Lord’s Prayer and the meaning of each part.

We created pictures of Our Father in Heaven. We imagined what heaven might look like.

We had to do a Science investigation. We tested different materials to find out which one was best for a waterproof coat for Little Red Riding Hood.

Designing and Making Stars

We made stars from lolly sticks. Next we decorated them for our Christmas hanging hoops.


We have been learning about The Great Fire of London. We made models of the burning buildings in 1666.


On November 15th we went into London for the day. We went to London Bridge, Trafalgar Square, South Bank and Jubilee park. We saw lots of famous London landmarks and we had a fun day exploring London.

This half-term our topic has been “Can Party Food Be Healthy?”. We have looked at different food groups and explored what it means to eat a balanced diet. We wrote a menu for our Healthy Party and on Tuesday 18th October we went to Tescos to buy some healthy food.

We all helped cook and prepare the food for our Healthy Party.We also bought each other a gift, made party decorations and party hats.

It’s been a fantastic topic and YES – party food CAN be healthy!

In R.E. this half-term we have been learning about the Jewish festival Sukkot.

In groups we created our own Sukkot Huts.

We have been reading Emily Brown and the Thing. We acted out the part when Emily and Stanley helped the Thing get his medicine from the Witches.

In Maths, We have learnt the column method. We use it to help us add numbers together.


We went to Horlands Farm.

We fed the horses and the pigs.

We moved the sheep from one field to another.

We spread hay out for the cows to sleep on when winter comes.

We played on the tractors.

We picked pears in the fruit orchard.

We had such a fun day. I hope we can go again soon!

In Literacy we have been reading I Want a Cat by Tony Ross. We worked in groups to act out the story.

On September 22nd we went to Horlands Farm in Kent. We picked pears in the orchard.

Back at school we peeled, sliced and stewed the pears. Then we followed a recipe and made Pear Muffins.  They tasted delicious!