Learning Logs

Year 2A

22nd January, 2018

Our new topic is ‘Vehicles’.  We created these vehicles as part of our home learning.  Aren’t they fantastic?










Boats by Emma Street








A Train by Emma Street










A bus by Cian Brady










A car by Santosh










A car by Natalia










A car by Alex










A Bus by Tolani Babatunde

Here is a video of Tolani explaining how she created her bus



1st December, 2017










Tolani Babatunde created this house.  It shows a wooden house burning during the Great Fire of London in 1666. 










“I made this house with my Mum using a big cardboard box.” – Sebastian








“I made this house.  Can you see the flames and smoke?” – Naomi


10th November, 2017















“Look at my fantastic fireworks picture!” – Cian, Year 2A


3rd November, 2017










“I made a person from Autumn leaves.” – Malick, Year 2A



“I made a picture out of Autumn leaves.  What can you see?” – Harry, Year 2A


October 12th, 2017

“I drew and labelled the life cycle of a chicken.  We’ve been learning about life cycles in Science.” – Harry, Year 2A

“I created my own book about Dinosaurs.  It’s a made-up story.  I’ve put it in our class book corner so other children can read it.” – Natalia, Year 2A

October 5th, 2017


“I wrote about our trip to Horlands Farm. I drew some of the animals.  My favourite animals were the horses.” – Emma, Year 2A

“I painted some fruit and created  still-life piece of art” – Cian, Year 2A


September 29th, 2017

Look at some of the Shape Pictures we made.  What shapes did we use?


“I found different foods for each letter of the alphabet!” – Harry, Year 2A


“I made a poster all about myself.” – Alex, Year 2A