Welcome to Year 2B

With Miss Fishco

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 Our class blog 2

What we have been learning

Spring 1 

London Transport Museum

We visited the London Transport Museum this week. We learned about transport from the past and present. We participated in the Build a Bus workshop learning all about the history of buses. We even got to see, touch and drive transport from the past!

Home Learning Logs

We are proud of the brilliant learning we do at school and home:



Literacy: The Magic Bed

We have been reading The Magic Bed by John Burningham and using different drama techniques to immerse ourselves in the story.

We even made our own magic beds! We designed and combined different materials to create our beds. We came up with our own magic words which will transport us to wherever we wish to go.


Topic: Transport

On Friday, children in Year 2 brought in their different modes of transport to observe and sketch. We examined each other’s transport and focussed on sketching two different pictures paying close attention to detail and using shading techniques. 



We have been looking at the history of cars. We looked at cars from the past and present and ordered them on a timeline. 

Paired reading

This term we are paired reading with 1B!

Our topic this term is Transport


We are reading:

In RE we are looking at The Lord’s Prayer

Autumn 2 


We have been looking at different non-fiction texts, identifying the different features and comparing to fiction texts. We looked at indexes and glossaries and discussed how they were in alphabetical order and as a class we put ourselves into alphabetical order. We are currently researching sharks and are planning our own non-fiction text.

We also looked at diagrams and labelled a diagram of a shark.



We have been reading Little Red Riding Hood. We designed our own cupcakes to take to grandmothers and then baked our own. We made links with our Science topic materials, examining how the mixture changed from a liquid to a solid through the heating process.


Paired Reading

Each week we have been paired reading with Reception A. We have made new friends and shared stories together.


Our topic this half term is Pride in Place. We went on a school trip to London and walked around to see all the famous sights including The Shard, Big Ben, London Eye, HMS Belfast, Tower of London and Tower Bridge!




Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf paid a visit to our classroom. We found her basket, cakes and flowers for Grandma. We also spotted the wolf’s foot prints. Our classroom is currently a crime scene and we are investigating what happened!





Autumn 1 


Our Party 

We came up with a shopping list of healthy food we would like at our party. We then went shopping in Catford to buy the food for our healthy party.  We hit Tesco and the pound shop to buy each other gifts! On Friday we had our class party and made all the yummy food for it. We made a fruit rainbow, teddy bear pizzas and a funny veggie face.





















































After Horlands Farm, we used the pears we picked to make pear muffins. We chopped and cooked the pairs, mixed the ingredients and poured it into cake cases to bake. Of course we remembered to wash our hands!

Horlands Farm

We went on a trip to Horlands Farm to learn more about where food comes from. We picked pears and apples, fed the pigs and even made a bed for the cattle from a bale of hay. 


We have been reading I Want a Cat by Tony Ross. We wrote our own versions of I want a Cat.








In Maths we have been practice reading and writing numbers to 100. We have begun to partition, compare and order numbers. We are becoming confident with place value.


We have been understanding different ways in how we can be healthy. We have looked at food groups, dental health and exercise so far. We have performed an egg experiment (the eggs acting as our teeth) to see how Coca Cola, diet Coca Cola and water effect the surface of an egg. Will the liquids change the egg? If so, how?




We have been discussing where food comes from. We looked at food labels and learned that food comes from different countries. We used atlases to find the countries where our food comes from.



We have been learning about why Jewish people have parties. We have learned about Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot and Hanukkah.