Welcome to Year 3

With Miss Michell


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 Our class blog 2

Don't forget yr3 PE

Our PE days are on Monday and Wednesday. PE kits should be kept in school all week and brought home on Friday to be washed.

 What we have been learning

International Project

We made pictures about what we can see from our window – ‘A View from Our Window’ to send to our friends over in Barcelona. We then got pictures back to find out what they can see from their windows.


This term, our topic is looking at our local area. We went out to walk around the local area. We made 2 surveys and collected data: what different services are there and looking at the local traffic.

Trip to Crystal Palace Park

To end our Spring topic we went on a trip to Crystal Palace Park. Here we looked at different woodland habitats and the minibeasts that live there. We then tried to identify the different minibeasts.

After that we got into groups and made small habitats we thought the insects would like to live in. Following on after lunch, we went to the farm to look at some other animals which were a little bigger.


We have been learning how to code and what and algorithm is using ‘Scratch’ on the laptops. We took part in the hour of code. 

Breakthrough Learning 

In year 3, we have continued to create some great projects in breakthrough learning. We have now started some new projects and learning new skills including how to cut wood. 


In literacy we have been looking at poems by Valerie Bloom. In groups we chose one poem to perform to the class.


We have been learning about 3D shapes in numeracy. We made and cut our nets to crate different 3D shapes. 


Our topic was learning about games from the past. In groups we made up games, with rules, that could be played in the past.  


We have been learning about the skeleton. We made posters about the skeleton and learnt some names for the bones. We know that the biggest bone in our bodies is the femur.



We have been learning about friction. We tested different materials to see which one slowed the toy car down the most. We then discussed which material caused the most friction. We found that the carpet slowed the car down the most therefore it caused the most friction.

Breakthrough Learning

In numeracy, we have been using the unifix cubes to help us with division.

We have been programming on Scratch.

In science we made up games which required us to move an object without touching it.

We have been making Festive hats to wear to our Christmas dinner.


 We visited the Science Museum.

In Science we have been making circuits.

In Numeracy we have been looking at Place Value up to 10,000.