Welcome to Year 4  LEARNING LOG Y4

With Mr Bayne

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What have we been learning in Autumn?

We have been investigating sight and sound.

We received a letter from ‘Edi’ who works at night in a factory.

She needed help as she was finding it hard to sleep due to the daylight and noise from the outside.

We have investigated the best materials to block light and sound to help Edi out!

We are now looking a ‘What happens inside us?’

During this topic we will be looking at: the different systems of the human body; how our organs work and how exercise affects our body.

We have been reading Krindlekrax. We used drama to act out an interview with one of the characters in the story.

We have now started reading The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We have acted out science from the first chapter using a narrator and actors. 

We thought about our performances and added sounds to help the narration of the story! 


In RE we have been learning about Jesus’ miracles. We have acted some of these out and brought them into 2017.


In Breakthrough we have been looking at lots of new areas, here are some of our successes so far! 


In Year 4 we have become ‘Learning Mentors’ to our Year 3 friends. We are partnered with a child from Year 3 and have helped them plan their project. We are looking forward to starting our projects and working collaboratively! Here we are planning together… 


In our new topic ‘Why do we speak English?’ we have been looking at the Anglo-Saxon and Viking influence. 

We looked at why they came to Britain? How long did they stay? What influence they had on English? And finally, why did they leave?

Here are some photo’s to show you our presentations. 

What have we been learning in Spring?

Our new topic is ‘ Should we stop eating chocolate?’ Year 4 is starting to go chocolate crazy, even more than normal!

We received a letter from Cadburys…

PO Box 12,
Birmingham B30 2LU


Dear Year 4 and Mr Bayne,


            I’ve been informed of your school initiative of ‘Break Through Learning’ and of all the incredibly imaginative projects your class have come up with. I’d like to take this opportunity to say: Well Done! And I hope you all keep it up! In addition, I would like to ask your class for a favour.


            Here at Cadbury, we strive to make the tastiest, most exciting and interesting chocolate products available. We want to create a new product, aimed at children aged 7-10. Therefore, we would like your class to come up with some ideas for us!


In order to accept your ideas, we will need the following:

  • A detailed account of what chocolate products are available already and what makes them so good (including our competitors).
  • Market research, including graphs, to show what the most popular flavours are.
  • Four different design ideas of product and packaging
  • A write up of why you have chosen one specific idea
  • A prototype of your chocolate bar and packaging


I am really looking forward to hearing all your fantastic ideas and look forward to working with you in the future.


Yours truly,

John Cadbury Jr

CEO of Cadbury


So far we have conducted our market research, we used J2data to create bar charts to show our data. Here are some examples. 

We had a Science day looking at changing state. We explored solids, liquids and gases. After that we looked at how a solid can dissolve into a liquid!

We then looked at how heat can change the state of certain materials. Finally we looked at irreversible changes through burning. 


We have also been reading and writing about ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ by Roald Dahl. We made some freeze frames from the moments where Mr Salt won the golden ticket for his Daughter Veruca. We acted as the factory worker who won it and Mr Salt. 

We visited the Chocolate Museum in Brixton. We learnt about the history of the Mayans and Aztecs, through the Cristopher Columbus importing it to Europe. We designed and made our own wrappers, we did this using Aztec Glyphs. We also tasted and made our own chocolate. We learnt about the different types of chocolate and what goes into them. We found our answer to our ‘Big Question’ should we stop eating chocolate? The answer is no because chocolate is a super food! However, this depends on what it is made with. Here are some photo’s of us exploring, enjoy!