Welcome to Year 6  LEARNING LOG Y6

With Mrs Franklin-Smith & Miss Fishco

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Don't Forget Y6

Remember to: Bring in your PE kit every Monday and take it home to be washed on Friday. Our PE days are Wednesday & Friday but it could change.


What we have been learning

Breakthrough Learning Projects

We have been working on some interesting projects in our Breakthrough Learning sessions this term such as balloon art, animation, a solar powered car, wooden mechanisms, dance performances and many more! We have come across some challenges and had to find new ways to make things work, but we have kept a growth mind set and found ways to get over these. Have a look at how some of our projects are coming along.


Year 6 have now completed their SATs tests. They all worked extremely hard to prepare and revise for these tests and kept a very positive attitude throughout SATs week. Well done to all the children in Year 6- you should all be very proud of yourselves!


In March, Year 6 went on the annual school journey to Arethusa Adventure Centre in Rochester. We had an action packed three days taking part in many outdoor activities such as wall climbing, archery, team games, orienteering and shelter building. Have a look at what we got up to!

Junior Citizen Event @ Lee Green Fire Station

Year 6 attended the Junior Citizen Event in March. There were different sessions about keeping safe as we get older and have more responsibility. We learnt about: dog safety, the dangers of smoking, how to use public transport safely, road safety, personal safety, fire safety and first aid.


Year 6 were lucky enough to visit ‘Kidzania’ recently. It is a model town with businesses and workplaces where children can take part in different jobs and activities. All children received money in the local currency of ‘Kidzos’ and could earn more by doing jobs: cleaning, police work, paramedic, chefs, TV presenters, air stewards and many more. Children could open their own bank account and spend their earnings in the shop at the end of the day. We had a great day!


This term (Spring) we are learning about Fairgrounds. We will learn about the science behind fairground rides and then have a go at making our own Shaky Hand Testers and mini rides. This topic is mainly science and DT based, but we will cover some literacy skills too. Why not have a go at making your own mini ride at home?

We will share photos of our DT work when we have completed it.


In literacy, we are reading the book Clockwork- All Wound Up by Phillip Pullman. It is a creepy story about clockwork figures coming to life. We will be writing descriptions, letters and finally write the story as one of the characters.



London Eye Trip

 We have been reading The London Eye Mystery. We took a trip on the Big Wheel looking for clues to help us to solve the mystery in the book!

Crystal Palace Park Trip

We visited Crystal Palace Park to look at the dinosaur statues and the local history of the area.


Darwin’s Finches

As part of our topic called ‘Why do some creatures no longer exist?’ we learnt about the discoveries Darwin made about species of finch on the Galapagos Islands. He discovered that they had adapted over time so their beaks suited their food sources better. We used different tools as beaks with different ‘foods’ to see which beak would work better.


New Furniture

 We are enjoying the new furniture we have in Y6. We have tables on wheels so we can move them to work independently or in groups. We also have tiered seating where we sit for discussions or to complete our activities.