School Council

Here in St George’s School we have a wonderful School Council. Each class has two representatives, chosen in a class election, who attend  meetings to discuss matters important to the children. They are an important link between the staff and their peers. Councilors lead a class discussion and bring any ideas or concerns to the Council meetings to see what can be done.

Children in KS1 & KS2 took part in a democratic election to decide on who would represent their class in the student school council. (Just like the real Members of Parliament!)

We held a secret ballot where the children voted for a girl and a boy from their class who they felt were the best candidates. They did this by putting a X next to their name.

Then they had to post their paper into the ballot box without letting anyone see as it is a private vote.

At the end of the day, the votes were counted and the children with the majority of the votes were declared.

This years elected school council members are:


Milligan Class: Khianna White and Harry Odunukan

Rosen Class: Isadora Hallett and Charlie Gibbens

Morpurgo Class: Balkis Ogundare and Gabriel Zecchin

Berry Class: Rachael Sadikuand William Fry

Shakespeare Class: Hayley Eliah  and Jaylan Sutherland





Children in Need

On Friday 15th November we iced cakes and had a cake sale to raise money for Children in Need. 



We asked our classmates a couple of questions about St George’s School. We got some excellent replies:


How do you feel when you are at school?


How do you feel at school word cloud

What do you like about St George’s School?


What do you like about school word cloud