Kinetic Coaching

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After School Clubs

At St George’s there’s plenty of opportunity for children to take part sports after school. We have professional coaches from Kinetic Coaching come in to run sports twice a week.

  •  Autumn – Football and Basketball
  • Spring – Football and Dance/Gymnastics
  • Summer – Football, Cricket and Tennis


P.E Lessons

At St George’s every child takes part in 2 hours of Physical education each week. One lesson is led by a sports specialist from Kinetic Coaching and the other is with the class teacher. Children get to learn a variety of sports and the specific skills relating to each sport as well as team games working on teamwork and sportsmanship.



The school funds a professional sports coach in the playground every lunchtime to provide quality coaching. This is in addition to the PE lessons which are part of the regular curriculum timetable. In this way, children have more opportunity to take part in competitive sports and receive high quality coaching each day further helping to develop their skills.