Religious Education

Religious Education at St George’s School is taught through the use of the Southwark Diocesan Board of Education syllabus. The syllabus reflects the teachings of the Church of England whilst also enabling children to explore aspects of other religious faiths. Through the teaching of Religious Education we aim to promote spiritual and moral development and to develop understanding and respect for people of other faiths.


‘They help me to believe in God’. 

‘They tell us what happened when Jesus was alive.’

‘I think RE is a good subject because whatever you believe in you can get more information about your faith.’

 ‘They help me express myself.’

Quotes from pupils

Religious Education Gallery

Year 2 have been learning about the Lord’s Prayer. 

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Year 4 thought about the miracles of Jesus. They acted out the stories of turning water into wine. 

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Year 2 made Sukkot houses when learning about Jewish festivals.

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Year 5 learnt about how the Christmas story is depicted in art and produced their own ways of showing the story. 


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Collective Worship

All children take part in daily collective worship which is led by either members of the school staff, the clergy from St George’s Church or the children themselves. Each class takes a turn in leading collective worship. 

Children’s Faith group led our collective worship about lent call. 

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Christian Values

At the heart of being a Christian school we have an agreed set of values which the whole school community were involved in devising, to include the children, staff, parents and governors. Each month a value is promoted through the experiences we offer to all our pupils. The Christian values are part of the daily life of the school; with the example given that for the value ‘Peace’ children experience being peaceful, promoting peace in the playground by being Peacemakers and understand what makes our school peaceful. Children are spotted living the value and are mentioned in our Special Assembly each week.

St Georges christian VAEs