Year 2 Learning Log

Autumn 2

Each week, choose at least one task to make or do at home.

Due by 15th December 2016

Materials / Science:

  • This week we saw how HEAT can change materials.
  •  Help cook something at home with a grown-up. Take photos or draw pictures to show me how the ingredients changed when they were heated.
  • What happens when things are COOLED? Can you give me an example?


Next Term:

  • Next term our topic is “The History of Transport”
  • What types of transport do you know?
  • What questions do you have about our transport?


  • Play Place Value games:


Due by 8th December 2016

Christmas/Nativity Story:

  • Think of a creative way to tell the Nativity Story, using drawings, lift-up flaps, a poster…
  • How do you celebrate Christmas in your house? Why is it a special time? Add a photo or draw a picture.
  • How do people celebrate Christmas in different countries around the world?


  • What is a Christingle?
  • What is an advent wreath? Can you draw one and explain it?


Due by 1st December 2016


History / Art:

  • Houses in 1666 were made of wood. Can you make a model of a wooden house burning in the Great Fire of London.




  • We’ve been practising telling the time this week. Where are examples of clocks in your house?
  • Play these time-telling games:



Due by 24th November 2016


Anti-Bullying Week:

  • Think about what we’ve done in school this week. Create a poster about Anti-Bullying.
  • Make a friendship bracelet
  • Design a ‘Great Friend badge’ for someone who is a good friend to you. Tell me how they are a good friend.



  • Play “Hit the Button” . Practise the 10x, 2x and Doubles.

  • What numbers can you find around your house?


Great Fire of London / History:



Due by 17th November 2016

Red Riding Hood Story Box:

  • Use an empty box and create a scene from Little Red Riding Hood.



  • We weighed objects and read scales this week
  • What scales do you have at home? Draw, write or take photos to show me how you can use them.    weighing ingredients to bake, weighing yourself on bathroom scales.
  • Practise your times tables: