Year 2 Learning Log

Autumn 1

Each week, choose at least one task to make or do at home.

Due by 20th October 2016

Choose the area(s) that interest you.


  • Write a food-themed poem.
  • Write a poem about anything you choose.
  • Draw pictures to show different rhyming words, eg.

UntitledUntitled2                       Untitled3 Untitled4

King                Ring                                 Fox             Socks


Black History Month:

  • What can you find out about Black History Month?



  • Our topic next half-term is “The Great Fire of London”. What would you like to find out? Write me a list of questions.


  • Our Christian Value for October is “”Generosity”. Design a poster showing what it means.
  • What do you do that is generous?


Due by 13th October 2016


  • Practise your Math skills using Mathletics.


  • Animal lifecycles – can you draw and label an animal lifecycle? Eg.


 Topic: Can Party Food be Healthy?

  • Plan a menu for a healthy party
  • Follow a recipe and make/cook healthy food at home. Take a photo and glue it into your learning log.
  • Design an invitation (Remember to include what it’s for, a time, a date and a place)


Due by 6th October 2016





  • Exercise: Why is it important for us? How does it help our bodies?
  • What types of exercise do you do and enjoy?


  • Draw or paint a food still-life picture.


Due by 29th September 2016


  • We’ve been looking at Place Value. Try some of these online games:


Class Trip to the Farm:

  • What did you see and enjoy on our trip to the Farm?


  • Our Christian Value this month is
  • What is friendship?
  • How are you a good friend?
  • Make a poster about Friendship

Due by 22nd September 2016


  • Shape Hunt. What shapes can you find around your house?

Eg.  A door is a rectangle

  • Create a shape picture


  • Create a food pyramid.
  • Food ABC: Can you think of a food for every letter of the alphabet?


  • Find out about Italian Artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo?


Due by 16th September 2016

New Beginnings:

  • It’s a new school year and a good time to set ourselves some goals. What do you want to get better at this year?
  • What are you looking forward to in Year 2?
  • Can you tell me about yourself so I get to know you a bit better? You can show me using drawings, photos or words.


  • Food groups: What different food groups are there? Make a poster.
  • Healthy food: Can you create a healthy plate of food? Draw it or take a photo.