Year 2 Learning Log

Summer 1

Summer Learning Log 5

Year 2 SATs Tests:

Well done to ALL of you for having a growth mindset and believing in yourselves recently during the Year 2 tests.  I’m so proud of you all!


New Topic next half-term: Seaside Holidays Past and Present

  • Have you been to the seaside?
  • Can you show me on a map of the UK or the world?
  • Do you have a photo of you at the seaside?
  • What did you see and do there? Write or draw.


  • Draw, paint or create an animal camouflaging with its background.



Due by 25th May 2017


Summer Learning Log 4

Tying your laces:

  • Please take time to help your child learn to tie their own laces. Well done to those who can already do this!

Science: Living things

  • What living things can you find around your home & garden?
  • What are their habitats like?

R.E.: Islam

  • Design a prayer mat.
  • Create your own mosque.


Due by 18th May 2017












Yathursh made a Mosque as part of his home learning.


Summer Term Learning Log 3

R.E:  Our Christian Value for May is COURAGE.

  • What is courage?
  • When have you been brave and shown courage?


  • Use shapes to create a shape picture. Label it to show what shapes you used.


  • Look around your house for RIGHT ANGLES. Draw examples of some you found.    


  • What does camouflage mean?
  • How do some animals use camouflage?         
  • Due by 11th May 2017

Summer Learning Log 2

Battersea Park Zoo

  • Draw or write about your favourite part of our trip to Battersea Park Zoo



  • This week we have been learning about Living Things.  Try these online games:
  • Design a poster to show Living Things and Non Living Things


Due by 4th May 2017


 Summer Term Learning Log 1


  • What is a habitat?

What types of habitats can you name?  What lives there?

The Owl and the Pussycat Story Box:

  • Use an empty box and create a scene from“The Owl and the Pussycat”



  • Place Value: We have been practising Place Value of 3-digit numbers. Practise some more:-

Due by 27th  April 2017


The Owl and the Pussy Cat Story Box Outcomes

We’ve been learning “The Owl and the Pussy Cat” poem by Edward Lear.  One of our Learning Log challenges was to create a story box of “The Owl and the Pussy Cat” .