Year 3 Learning Log

Autumn 1


  • To be able to name and describe the different parts of plants and their functions.
  • To be able to explore what is needed for plants to grow.
  • To investigate how water travels through a plant.
  • To explore what part a flower plays in the life cycle of flowering plants.
  • To explore the best material to make bricks.
  • To understand how Britons first lived.
  • To know where the first towns and cities were in the world.
  • To understand the achievements of ancient Egypt.
  • To be able to investigate who were the greatest builders were.
  • To understand numbers to 10 000.


You can choose any objective to complete and represent your findings however you want!

You must complete one or more objective each week and bring your learning log back by Friday.


Please also keep up with your times tables.


Plants –

Egyptians –

Iron Age –​