Year 3 Learning Log

Autumn 2

Topic – How Does Electricity Work?


  • To understand how people coped before electricity
  • To understand what a complete circuit is
  • To understand what electricity is
  • To be able to investigate what materials are the best conductors
  • To be able to make a time line of electrical inventors
  • To understand what a magnet is
  • To be able to understand what a thunderstorm is and what causes it
  • To be able to subtract digits within 10 000 with regrouping
  • To understand what a newspaper report is


Please also go over your times tables, especially 2,3,4,5 and 6 tables to 12.


Make sure you are reading regularly.



Autumn 2

Learning Log Links



Bright Sparks – How does electricity work?




Thomas Edison




Suggested Activities


  • Create something that lights up.
  • Make something that people would have used before electricity.
  • Draw a diagram of a circuit.
  • A leaflet on the benefits of electricity.
  • Drawings of a thunderstorm.
  • Poster on what a thunderstorm is.
  • Leaflet/Poster on Thomas Edison.
  • What would you create using electricity?



Do Fame and Christian Faiths go together?


Suggested Activities

  • Compare the qualities of being a Christian and a famous person
  • Make a collage of a famous Christian and explain why they are famous and a Christian