Year 4 Learning Log

Autumn 1

Learning log

Homework and Independent Learning
Home learning activities are an opportunity to work on projects and learn with your adult at home and on your own. Remember learning and exploring is fun when you’re part of a team. One piece of quality work to be completed per week – See where it takes you, there are no limits!

· Topic – How do we see? How do we hear?
o What can you find out about this topic – Explore it however you like… there are some ideas below.
· Be visible in the dark
Design a jacket/school bag to enable school children to be more visible in the dark when walking home from school.
· Secret messages
Write a secret message to a friend using a mirror to help you reverse the letters/words so it can only be read using another mirror.
· Sounds at home
Go into an empty room. Sit quietly and listen. What can you hear? Represent sounds on a spider diagram.
· Draw an eye
Use a mirror to closely observe your eye. Using a landscape piece of paper, make a large detailed drawing using pencil/charcoal.
· Make a flick book
Make a ‘flick’ book. Choose a simple action that can be easily drawn e.g. a ball going up and down, a circle getting bigger then smaller. Using small pieces of paper or cheap note books, draw on each page a gradual change so that when the pages are flicked the image appears to move. (NB. Liken to film images.)

· RE
o We’re learning about creation stories – Show what you know about creation stories (They can be from any religion)
o Explore different miracles that Jesus performed.

· Computing – We’re looking at comics this term – Can you make your own comic?

· Write your own prayer and decorate it for display.

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