Year 4 Learning Log

Autumn 2

Home learning activities are an opportunity to work on detailed projects and learn with your adult at home and on your own. The expectation is that one piece of work is to be completed per week. This piece of work is the best piece of work that you can do. Provide detail, explore deeper and be creative! Remember learning and exploring is fun when you’re part of a team.

(Each bullet point is a separate piece of homework. For helpful links check our class webpage)


Our topic this half-term is ‘Why do we speak English’.

This is a History unit where we will explore the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain, Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots, and the Viking and Anglo-Saxon struggle for the Kingdom of England to the time of Edward the Confessor (b.1003 d.1066).

Learning key dates

  • Learn the order and key dates of invaders and settlers of the British Isles from the Romans to the Normans.

timeline roman 2     timeline saxon 2     timeline viking     timeline british

title     children's british encyclopedia


What can you find out about:


  • The Romans in Britain.button

  • Think about their empire, what they brought to the country (buildings, laws, language, tools, army etc)


          Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 14.51.00          Roman britain bitesize




  • Anglo saxonsThe Anglo-Saxons.

  • What were these people like? Who were the kings? What was it like living in these times? Etc

   Anglo Saxons          Anglo saxons bitesize




  • vikings buttonThe Vikings

  • Where did they come from? What was their purpose? What did they bring to the country?


vikings           Viking bitesize



Why do people move away from where they are born?

  • Interview a person in your family or friends to find out if they have moved away from the area/country they were born in and why they moved.



Write a story about living as a Roman, Saxon or Viking.

  • Remember to use all that you’ve learnt in class about detail and description. Include similes personification and descriptive phrases to make your stories come alive. You could type the story up or add a picture.


Design & Technology and Art

  • Design and make something of your choice related to Romans/Anglo Saxons/ Vikings from your own research
  • Draw and annotate your own design for a Viking ship.
  • Create a Firework poem and picture – Remember to use descriptive phrases, similes and personification.



  • Write a prayer about our Christian value for each month. Make sure you’re really thinking about the meaning of your words and your presentation.