Year 4 Learning Log

Spring 1


Home learning activities are an opportunity to work on detailed projects and learn with your adult at home and on your own.  The expectation is that one piece of work is to be completed per week.  This piece of work is the best piece of work that you can do.  Provide detail, explore deeper and be creative!  Remember learning and exploring is fun when you’re part of a team. (Each bullet point is a separate piece of homework)



  • History of Chocolate

Research and  learn about where chocolate came from – Make your own interactive, creative information text to show what you have learnt.


  • Where does chocolate come from?

Find five food labels showing different countries of origin. Locate places on the world map and give some information about the food and country.

  • Market research

Conduct market research amongst your family to find their preferred chocolate product – create a table, draw a graph and write a paragraph explaining your findings.


  • TV advertisements

Look out for TV advertisements for chocolate to see how content is organised. Do you like the advert? Why?  Time the length of advertisements. Make a storyboard for your own chocolate bar advert (Create the name and design the packaging too)



  • Design a poster

Design a poster explaining scientifically why hands should be washed before handling food.  Use the word micro-organisms.

  • Water cycle

What is the water cycle?  Draw a detailed diagram, with labels and information, to explain this natural cycle.

Spanish– Pets

Tienes una mascota? (Do you have a pet?)

Draw different pets and label them with the English and Spanish names for each.


RE – Sikhism

Conduct research about Gurus and create a biography about the final living guru, Guru Gobind Singh who passed away in 1708.


Please hand in your learning log before Thursday so it can be checked and returned on Friday.  Remember to check your feedback each week and see if you can add any more.  Have fun!