Year 4 Learning Log

Spring 2


Home learning activities are a great opportunity to work on detailed projects and learn with your adult at home and on your own.  The expectation is that one piece of work is to be completed per week.  This piece of work is the best piece of work that you can do.  Provide detail, explore deeper and be creative!  Remember learning and exploring is fun when you’re part of a team. (Each bullet point is a separate piece of homework)



Charlie and the Chocolate factory:

If you could design and make your chocolate factory what rooms would it have in it? 

  • Draw each room. Write a detailed description about each – be creative with how you present this E.g. 3D? Pull out flaps? Etc



From a Railway Carriage is our topic, which is a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson.

  • Write a review about what you liked about it? Think about the language, the pictures it creates, how it sounds etc.


  • Can you find another poem about trains and compare it to our poem? What is the same/different? Which do you like best? What features of a poem can you find?


  • Can you think about a train journey you’ve taken? What did you see out of the window? Can you draw a picture and write a poem about what you saw?


  • Can you present what you know about the history of trains in an interesting way?



Our focus this term is on Jesus teaching through Parables. 

  • Retell one of the parables from the bible in your own words. Explain the lessons that Jesus was teaching.