Year 4 Learning Log

Summer 1


Home learning activities are a great opportunity to work on detailed projects and learn with your adult at home and on your own.  The expectation is that one piece of work is to be completed per week.  This piece of work is the best piece of work that you can do.  Provide detail, explore deeper and be creative!  Remember learning and exploring is fun when you’re part of a team. (Each bullet point is a separate piece of homework)



‘What happens inside us’ is our topic, which is a science based topic.

  • Practise finding and taking your pulse.

Take it at different times, for example; when you wake up, when you get in from school, when you run up the stairs, while you were watching TV, when you have eaten a meal.

Record your findings in a table over a couple of weeks. 

Draw/record some items from home that help you relax e.g. music.



  • What if?

Think up answers for ‘What If?’ statements.  You could illustrate your ideas to make it amusing.  E.g. What if I didn’t have gums/What if I didn’t have a mouth?/What if I didn’t have elbows?/What if I didn’t have blood?



  • TV Food Advertisements

Make a list of the number of food advertisements that are on the TV during children’s TV time.  What types of food and drink are advertised?  Are you influenced by the advertisements?  What do your parents or other adults think about food advertisements on children’s TV?



  • Survey friends and family’s favourite exercise

Do a survey within your family and friends of their ‘favourite exercise’.  Ask people to use the Borg Scale to identify the amount of effort they put in to the exercise.


  • Finger press up challenge

Carry out the finger press up challenge at home (see resources)




Our focus this term is ‘What does it mean to be a Sikh?’ 

  • Explore and explain what the 5Ks mean to Sikhs

Draw & explain what happens in a Gurdwara (Sikh place of worship)