Year 6 Learning Log

Year 6 Spring Term 1

Fairgrounds- history, ride design, adverts and how rides work.

  • Science covered in this topic:
  • Electricity
  • Light
  • Sound
  • Forces
  • Magnets and springs

Ø  Levers and pulleys


Other BBC bitesize KS2 science pages.


Suggested Activities:

  • Design a fairground advert
  • Design a fairground ride
  • Design a fairground sign
  • Write a timeline of fairgrounds
  • Explain how forces work in fairground rides.
  • Write a description of being at a fairground or on a ride
  • Mindmaps of the science topics
  • Science diagrams



Mind map template

Fairground lettering

Adjectives list for descriptions

Timeline template

Examples of DT fairground rides