Parents’ Daily Mile

On Wednesday 5th October the Parents’ Daily Mile group set off to complete their first Daily Mile around Mayow Park.  It was a small but committed group who set off when the school gates closed.   Lee Franklin, Parent Advisor and Mrs Constable, the Headteacher joined the group to show their support for the initiative.  The idea came from Aliyah Graham’s mum originally who mentioned to Mrs Constable that it would be great if the parents could emulate the Daily Mile that the children participate in every day.  Parents took part by either running, jogging or walking and all agreed that it was a great success.  Exercising regularly in a group is a very effective way to stay healthy.

A number of the parents plan to carry on each day and Lee Franklin will join each Wednesday morning.  Depending on her diary, Mrs Constable and other members of staff will join in from time to time.  The children were so excited to see the parents taking part, with many saying that they were going to talk to their parents about joining in on days that they were not working.


Yet again it is a first for St George’s!  We were the first to do the Daily Mile in Lewisham and now we must be one of the first to have a Parents’ Daily Mile group!  Speak to Lee Franklin on the gate if you would like to take part.  All are welcome – it does not matter what your level of fitness is – take it at your own pace and if you are pushing a baby in a buggy bring them along!