School Journey Update

Arethusa School Journey Update

Everyone is doing well and looking forward to getting home today.
This morning the groups are taking a trip to Beacon Hill followed by some orienteering activities. They then return to the centre for lunch.
We are expecting the group back at school by 2.30pm so please ensure that you arrive on time to pick them up as they will be tired.



The children had a good 1st night and managed to get to get to bed at a reasonable time.

The weather is dry and bright and the groups are really enjoying themselves. A woodland walk followed Tuesday morning activities of archery, climbing and high ropes in the afternoon.

They must all be missing their daily mile as they are going for a second walk along the beach after dinner tonight.

Be warned you are likely to find lots of mud and sand in their cases when they get home….!

We are expecting the children to arrive back at school at 2.30pm on Wednesday afternoon so please ensure that you are here to pick them up as they will be tired.


20/03/2017 17:00

The Children arrived safely this morning and have settled into their dormitories. This afternoon they will be going swimming.

Rain hasn’t stopped play and everyone is having a good time.

They have been split into 3 groups and will be participating in either archery, climbing and high ropes Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning followed by a woodland walk during Tuesday afternoon.