Times Tables Tigers

St George’s Times Tables Tigers Newsletter – December 2017


Children and parents all through the school have been working really hard this term learning their times tables and earning their badges. We have badge winners in every year group including year 1 and we have also awarded some Gold medals which is fantastic!

Here are the badge winners in each class so far (Do not worry if your name is not on the list as there will be more badges awarded in new year!).

Please support your children to win their next badges by testing them regularly at home.

Gold Medal winners:

Our Gold Badge winners. These children know all of the required times tables!

Year 3: Yathursh, Haiden  

Year 4: William Fry

Year 5: Daniel, Jerome, John, Rana

Year 6: Toyosi, Ty, Eloisha, Mene, Nardane, Gillian, Dominic, Joshua, Toyin, Daniel



Year 1B                                                                                                                 Year 2A

Azaria – x2                                                                                                          Alex – x2,x5,x10, x11

Kiruththika – x2                                                                                                Balkis – x2,x5,x10,x3

Laura – x2 x5 x10                                                                                              Ben – x2,x10

                                                                                                                                Cian – x10

Year 3                                                                                                                   Emma – X10

Zack – x5,x4,x7                                                                                                  Hannah – X10

Meelane – x3,x4                                                                                              Harry – X2,x5,x3,x4,x6, x10, x11

Danni – x10, x3                                                                                                  Heaven – x10

Oskar – x10                                                                                                         Josiah – x10

Mollie – x2,x11                                                                                                  Kayan – x10

Daniel – x2, x10                                                                                                 Khiana – x10,x11

Joshua – x2,10, 11                                                                                            Maison – x2,x10

Shamiya – x2, x3                                                                                               Malick – x2,x5,x10

Gabriela – x2, x5                                                                                               Naomi – x2,x5,x10

Ayeni – x10                                                                                                         Natalia – x2,x10

Divine – x2                                                                                                          Nathan – x10

Anthony O– x5, x11                                                                                       Nicole – x2,x10

Rachael – x3, x4, x6                                                                                         Santosh – x2,x10, x11

Gloria – x2, x5                                                                                                    Sebastian – x2,x5,x10,x3,x11

Anthony V – x10                                                                                               Tolani – x2,x5,x10

Medine – x1                                                                                                       Year 2B

Year 4                                                                                                                   Cheyenne – X10

Abdul – x2,                                                                              Demi – x10

Alexandra –x3,x4,x6                                                               Dimitri – x2,x10

Ashon –x3,x4,x6,x7                                                                 Eric – x2,x10

Blessing –x3                                                                            Ethan – x2,x5, x10

Cordelia –x3                                                                            Gabriel – x2, x5, x10

Daniela –x3,x4,x6                                                                   Jaray – x2,x5,x10       

Florosie –x3,x4                                                                        Jayden – x2,x5,x10

Hayley x3,x4                                                                            Maks – x2,x5,x10

Ivana –x3,x4,x6                                                                       Riley – x2,x5,x10

Jaylan –x3,x4                                                                           Savannah – x2,x5,x10

Kacper –x3,x4                                                                         Yasmine – x5,x10

Toni – x2,                                                                                Logan –X10

Leshay –x3,x4,x6                                                                     Matilda – x10

Luca –x3                                                                                  Shakai – x10

Malachi –x6,x7,x8,x9,x11                                                       Tianna – x10

Oneize – x2                                                                             Year 6

Ria –x6,x7,x8,x9,x11                                                               Olamide – x9

Roger –x3,x4,x6                                                                      Rachel – x7,x8,x9,x10

Khalil –x3,x4,x6                                                                       Juliet – x6

Travis –x3                                                                                Ben – x3,x6

William G – x2,                                                                       Harvey – x8

Savanti –x3,x4,x6                                                                    Kenny – x8

Zion –x3                                                                     

Year 5                                                                                                                  

Terri – x2                                                                               

Ufuoma, Akalah, Yagmur – x5                                                           

Yoma, Josie – x6                                                                    

Lara, Thisvika – x9                                                                 

Malakai, Sahara – x11    

Well done to all our badge winners. Keep learning your tables over the holidays so you can

Go for Gold in 2018!