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with Miss Clarke

Welcome back to Autumn 2!

For anti bulling week we created a puzzle piece and wrote how we will unite against bullying.




Here you will find a quick over view of the things we will be learning. Scroll further down to see home learning.

This half term we will be exploring cross-curricular themes based on our topic entitled  Hello, I’m new here.

We will be looking at our school, local area, our route to school, developing our map skills and directional language and much more


Vocabulary- map, plot, aerial view, bird’s eye view, direction.



We looked at aerial maps and then made our own by plotting the things in our quad!


Vocabulary- Capital letter, space, full stop, adjective.

Our writing and other activities will be based on these books as well as practicing letter formation, phonics and sentence structure.

Our core texts this half term will be:










We will be using ‘Billy’s Bucket’ w/c 23/11/20.

Listen to Billy’s Bucket:



Vocabulary- clarify, question, predict, summarize.

We are now sending home a reading book for you to share with your child at home. They will be sent out on FRIDAYS. Please read at home with your child and talk about the book (make predictions based on what has been read, clarify unfamiliar vocabulary, suggest an alternative ending, summarize the story). Please RETURN THE BOOK the following FRIDAY so we can change it. Unfortunately book changes will only take place on Fridays, if you forget to bring your book back don’t worry return it the next week.

You can also continue to use Oxforf Owl e books: 


All tablet friendly with some of your favourite characters!

NEW: Oxford Owl class login: look for the logo:





Class name: Ahlbergclass2020          Class Password: Ahlbergbooks





Logins and user names have been sent home so you can access the useful resources on phonics play.



Miss Clarke’s phonics group are working within phase3.

Edan’s phonics group is working within phase2.



Vocabulary- addition, subtraction, total, number fact, bigger, smaller, inverse operation.

In numeracy this term we will be focusing on solving missing number problems, number families, odd and even numbers and 2d and 3d shapes.




 This week in maths we will be looking at 3d shapes and the properties.

   Click on the link to find out more. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zjv39j6                                                     


Vocabulary- predict, classify, observe, question, conclude.

In science this term we will look at ‘plants’. We will be investigating the plants around our school, how they grow and naming the basic parts of a plant.



In science we created a class mind map and included some questions –

“How do plants grow?”

“How do plants grow from the ground?”

“Do plants need a garden to grow?”

“Do all plants need water?”

Over this half term we will discover the answer to these questions and many more.




We are going to focus on the saint of our school St George and then look at ‘Who are the nativity characters and why are they important?’








In R.E we know that Saint George is the saint of our school. We discovered the legend of St George and the dragon. We now know that he is the patron saint of England and we celebrate St Georges day on April 23rd. We designed some stained glass windows and displayed them in our class.



We looked at ‘what makes a saint’. We thought about the qualities saints have and why St George was a saint. We stuck pictures and wrote words around him.

Vocabulary- Saint, protector, England, brave, knight, faith.


This half term our theme for PSHE is  ‘Celebrating difference’. We will be following the units from the jigsaw programme of work.







We have been looking at our similarities and differences, not just visually but through the things we like/dislike, where we belong eg school, church, clubs, home/families and our personalities.  



Ahlberg P.E days are on a Monday and Thursday. Please ensure your child wears their P.E to school as we will not be changing in class.

We are focusing on both sports specific multi skills and general multi skills in our P.E sessions.  This will include throwing and catching, dribbling and passing/shooting, travelling with a ball in different ways, throwing to a target, jumping in different ways, jump higher and further and more!


We took part in the mini marathon and received our medals. We are very proud!




Home learning- 

CLICK HERE  for Autumn 2 home learning.

Don’t forget to log into busy things! Use your LGFL logins that were recently sent home and complete the assignments that have been set.



Keep practicing!

Write simple sentences by orally rehearsing them first and then writing them.

Remember to use a capital letter, finger spaces between words and finish with a full stop.

  • Practice reading and writing the phase 2 tricky words. 

  • If you know the phase 2 tricky words practice the phase 3 tricky words-


Keep practicing your sounds! Make use of the resources provided by https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/. Take a look at our phonics page too.

Remember to read EVERY DAY for at least 10 minutes make use of the free e books from Oxford Owl. Details are listed above.

  • Practice counting, ordering numbers and matching quantities to 20.

  • Practice 1 more and 1 less from any given number within 20.
  • Practice adding within 10/20. 
  • Practice subtraction within 10/20.
  • Practice number bonds to 5 and then 10. Once you have quick recall of bonds to 5 and 10,  challenge yourself! Can you make number bonds to 20?