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This half term our topic is “What can we learn about the world from stories?”

Home Learning 

We are unable to send home learning logs at the moment, so please find ideas for home learning below. Don’t forget to check MyMaths and BusyThings weekly for tasks and activities. 

Literacy – Stories from around the World

-Can you find and read some traditional tales from other counties? What traditional tales from other countries have we already looked at? 

The Old Woman and the Red Pumpkin

-Compare The Old Women and the Red Pumpkin to Little Red Riding Hood – what similarities/differences are there?

-Make puppets/masks and use these to re-tell the story. 

-Write a book review. What is the story about? Can you summarise it? What did you like/dislike? Would you recommend it to a friend? Download a template here. 

Maths – Division

-Practise your mental recall of times table and division facts.

-Use your knowledge of times tables and inverse relationships to create number fact families.  https://www.topmarks.co.uk/number-facts/number-fact-families

-Practise dividing by sharing use this Doggy Dinners Game.

Topic (Geography)

-Find out about the country you or your family are from and write some facts about that country. Can you find it on a world map? How is that country/culture similar/different to England? Can you make a flag?

-Name the 7 continents. Which continent do we live in? Have you travelled to any other continents?

-Find out some facts about Chinese New year. Why and how do people celebrate?

-Use the zodiac calendar to find out which animal you were born in the year of. Create a poster for that animal.

Science – Materials


Below are links to online resources. Please contact me if you are unsure of your logins. 



Check BusyThings weekly for assignments and pinned activities. Remember to use your lgfl login.


https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page?=  All tablet friendly with some of your favourite characters!

Oxford Owls Class Login:

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Class name: Jenningsclass2020

Class Password: Jenningsbooks


Remember that Phonics Play and Letters and Sounds have some great resources to access for free online!