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With Mr Bray

Milligan Class have had an amazing start back to school after such a long time away. While there have been a lot of changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the children have adapted well and have returned with great attitudes to their learning. I am very proud of them all. 

Welcome back to school, I hope you had a relaxing half term. Please make sure you are logging into MyMaths and Spelling Frame a few times a week. This will help with catching up on missed schooling.

Autumn Term 2

This half term our class topic is “Who were the greatest builders”. This is a history topic and we will be looking at the Ancient Egyptians and how they built pyramids as well as their culture and civilisation.  Their learning on this subject can be supported at home by considering how buildings around them are built today and how would they built without modern machines. In science we will be doing forces, fossils and types of rock to link with our topic.

PE lessons will take place on a Monday and Tuesday afternoons – The children will go home in their P.E. kit to allow more time in P.E. 

Topic – Who were the greatest builders?

We will be investigating the Ancient Egyptians.




We are reading I was a Rat.


  • Write your own chapter
  • Write a balanced argument


Topic 1 – How do fame and Christian faith go together?

Topic 2 – How do advent and Epiphany show us what Christmas is really about?

  • What does Epiphany mean?
  • What does Advent meant?
  • What is the Christmas message?



Home learning

The school have put in place a variety of ways children are able to access learning at home as we can no longer use home Learning Logs. Log in details for all websites have been sent home and I recommend keeping them in a safe place. If you have any difficulties, please feel free to let me know and I will try to help or solve any issues.

By completing their work on time for MyMaths and Spellingframe, the children will earn Dojo Points which contribute to them earning a reward for every 50 points gained.


MyMaths: Each child has their own MyMaths account where work is set each Monday. Work is expected to be completed by the following Sunday evening. By completing their work on time, the children will earn 5 Dojo Points. Please be aware that set tasks do not get deleted if not completed. Therefore, keeping on top of it each week is important so as to not allow it to build up, which can be extremely daunting for the children.


Spellingframe: Every Monday the children will have a ‘Blind’ Spelling test. This is introducing them to the spelling focus for the week. The purpose of the ‘Blind’ test is to assess the words that they already know and  so that they can see their own progress when we have the ‘real’ test on a Friday. While we do learn the spellings through various activities during the week within school, the Spellingframe website offers the children a chance to practice their spellings using fun, interactive games. By completing the online Test they will receive 5 Dojo Points.



Towards the end of year 4, pupils will be required to complete a National times tables test. Although it was cancelled in 2020, we predict this will be going ahead in 2021. Therefore, times-tables are a big focus in Lower Key Stage 2. By using the timestables.co.uk website children are able to practice by playing fun games, earning certificates and taking speed tests. There will be no set work for this website but children should be encouraged to practice regularly. We will have written times-tables test in class every Thursday to earn Times-tables Tiger badges.



A science website which will be used to support our in class science learning. Homework will be set but children will be directed as to when to access this. Feel free to take a look, though, for some independent learning!



Language Angels: The Modern Foreign Language that we focus on at St. George’s is Spanish. Children can access interactive games to support the in class learning on the Language Angels website- click Pupil games. 

We also start our day by speaking a different language each week by saying hello/good morning while completing the register. If there is a particular language that you or your child speaks/is familiar with, please encourage them to tell me so that we can incorporate it into our daily routine.


OxfordOwl: Free access to reading e-books by stages and levels. 

Access our class account by clicking My Class Login and entering the details below: 

My class name: morpurgo21

My class password: stgeorges




On Monday 28th September we took part in the 2020 Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon to raise money for Cancer Research.

If you would like to donate/sponsor your child the click the link to our St George’s Fundraising Page.