Digital Leaders

Meet the digital leaders 2019-20!



Shakespeare – Florosie and Blessing 

Berry – Jennifer and Tony

Rosen – Ethan and Cheyenne 

Morpurgo – Santosh and Jada

Milligan – Nyala and 

The Digital Leaders are a group of students who meet every few weeks to discuss important issues regarding the computing curriculum. They promote interesting and useful websites/apps while spreading the very important message of internet safety.

So far this year we have presented a whole school assembly on cyberbulling as part of anti-bullying week. We created posters and helped organise Safer Internet day. 

We have also been helping KS1 classes with computing lessons. This week, Florosie and Blessing helped Donaldson Class with a computing lesson on algorithms and debugging!

We are also going to start a fortnightly blog about school life.