CoG Head Teacher Farewell

7th July 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

I welcome this opportunity to put on record my thanks and appreciation to Geraldine Constable for her incredible contribution to the life of St George’s School. As Chair of Governors I have worked closely with her for ten years and have seen first-hand the inspired leadership that has taken this school from struggling to thriving.

Mrs Constable has always had a strong vision for the school, and this vision of an exciting, inclusive learning community has been at the forefront of plans and decisions all through her thirteen years of leading the school.

I was recently asked how I could sum up her career at St George’s. That’s difficult! There are so many activities and ideas that fit into the vision – like the daily walking a mile, to the annual International Evening, to the layout of the quadrangle with its interesting features that stimulate imagination.

So here is my summing up in three points. First, she has based her improvement of the school on developing an exciting and engaging curriculum. Second, she has been able to deliver this curriculum through an emphasis on high quality teaching underpinned by sound educational research. And third, she has always paid full attention to the whole child, including their family.

I have seen her commitment to each child in the school on a regular basis often as she has worked diligently behind the scenes to improve the lives of individual pupils at the school. This commitment has led to the development of the Parent Advisor post, which has made such a difference to the life chances of our pupils.

Therefore it is with real sadness that we are coming to the end of Mrs Constable’s time at St George’s. And particularly sad that because of coronavirus we cannot celebrate her retirement this summer. Also because of coronavirus we have been unable to hold interviews for a new headteacher, so Ms MacAlpine has been appointed Interim Headteacher. She will fulfil that role admirably. During the autumn term Mrs Constable will be working in the background to support Ms MacAlpine, so we will not be saying goodbye to her just yet. Hopefully we will be able to celebrate her retirement at Christmas!

This brings me to add point four to my summing up of Mrs Constable’s career here. She has always been exceptionally good at developing staff and leading them on to successfully take up roles they did not think they were capable of. The school will go forward in extremely good health with a strong leadership team and a highly committed staff. I would like to thank them all for their varied contributions.

It has been a real privilege for me to work so closely with a person of such integrity, intelligence, commitment and warmth. I thank Geraldine for that privilege. I hope you will join me in wishing her well for her retirement.


Jill Bray
Chair of Governors