The Daily Mile

Inspired by a primary school in Scotland, in June 2015 St George’s school instituted a ‘daily mile’ getting pupils to walk or run for a mile every day.  Adults in the school also take part and it is a very popular way of improving the fitness of everyone at St George’s.

The course is run around the school grounds. We all been enjoying the daily activity and are already seeing an improvement in our fitness and stamina.


Vitality Run – Sunday 26th May 2019 

For the 3rd year running, St George’s took park in the Vitality Daily Mile at Westminster. All children did brilliantly and crossed the line to finish at Buckingham Palace. We then enjoyed the Vitality activities on offer in Green Park. 



Research Study on The Daily Mile

Researchers at King’s College London (KCL) are carrying out a research study at St George’s School. The study is broadly looking at healthy activities that take place in primary schools. They will be working with children in Rosen and Milligan classes.In this study the researchers are focused on The Daily Mile activities your child does in class each day. The researchers want to know how it gets implemented in your child’s classroom, and what works for the teacher and the children. This involves a researcher observing The Daily Mile activities as they take place. 

For more information download a copy of the information sheet.



Vitality Run

On 27th May, St George’s was asked to represent Lewisham in the Vitality Run for the second year running. Miss Michell, Miss Simmons-Bah and Miss McGhan took 7 children to Green Park, where they ran 1 mile ending up at Buckingham Palace. The Children then took part in a variety of fun activities organised by Vitality including football, hockey and netball. Well done to all children for behaving fantastically well and representing the school brilliantly.

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Vitality Daily Mile Run 

St George’s was asked to represent Lewisham in the London Daily Mile Vitality Run on Sunday 28th May 2017. Miss Michell and Mr Bayne took 8 children up to Green Park where they then completed the run with many other schools in London, starting at The Mall and finishing at Buckingham Palace. The children were then able to take part in the Vitality Wellness day in the park where they got to play netball with members of the Women’s England netball team and Cricket with Middlesex Cricket club. 

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Parents’ Daily Mile

On Wednesday 5th October the Parents’ Daily Mile group set off to complete their first Daily Mile around Mayow Park. It was a small but committed group who set off when the school gates closed. Lee Franklin, Parent Advisor and Mrs Constable, the Headteacher joined the group to show their support for the initiative. The idea came from Aliyah Graham’s mum originally who mentioned to Mrs Constable that it would be great if the parents could emulate the Daily Mile that the children participate in every day. Parents took part by either running, jogging or walking and all agreed that it was a great success. Exercising regularly in a group is a very effective way to stay healthy.

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A number of the parents plan to carry on each day and Lee Franklin will join each Wednesday morning. Depending on her diary, Mrs Constable and other members of staff will join in from time to time. The children were so excited to see the parents taking part, with many saying that they were going to talk to their parents about joining in on days that they were not working.

Yet again it is a first for St George’s! We were the first to do the Daily Mile in Lewisham and now we must be one of the first to have a Parents’ Daily Mile group! Speak to Lee Franklin on the gate if you would like to take part. All are welcome – it does not matter what your level of fitness is – take it at your own pace and if you are pushing a baby in a buggy bring them along!


Daily Mile in the News

Our mile a day has been gaining attention from the press recently.

This article was published in The Mercury in July:

In addition, the website featured an article on us. Click here to view it.