Learner Qualities

At St George’s school, we have developed our own Learner Qualities and these are at the forefront of our curriculum. We believe the skills, values and attitudes that our Learner Qualities promote will develop in our pupils the capacity to be lifelong learners and make positive contributions to their communities now and in the future.
We have identified key qualities that we want our pupils to develop and help them to understand and recognise what these qualities are and how to develop them in themselves.



A self-aware learner can:

  • Set andSelf aware small monitor goals
  • Know the areas they want to improve in
  • Can lead, follow and work independently
  • Have high expectations of themselves
  • Meet challenges with a positive attitude



A reflective learner can:

  • Treflect smallhink about their own learning
  • Ask questions and wonder about what they are learning
  • Self-assess their own learning
  • Discuss their ideas and thoughts
  • Work independently and sometimes with others



Learners who use feedback can:

  • use feedback smallReview their thinking and learning based on advice and goals
  • Use assessments to set new learning targets
  • Take advice positively
  • Share ideas, work and achievements



Curious learners can:

  • curious smallReflect on their own learning
  • Identify next steps for learning
  • Ask questions to develop knowledge
  • Apply thinking skills in a range of contexts
  • Demonstrate a desire for new knowledge


Learners who persist:

  • persist smallTry their best ALL the time
  • Think positively about things
  • Keep at something until they succeed
  • Make mistakes and learn from them
  • Stay on task and focus Never give up!



Learners who connect:  

  • connect small Make links between what they are learning and real life
  • Think about what they already know or have learnt



Learners with a growth mindset:

  • Growth mindset smallThink their intelligence can improve through Learning
  • Like hard work because they want to learn more
  • Like challenge, learning goals and feedback as they help them improve
  • Try harder if they fail at something