Singapore Maths

 At St George’s we teach the National Curriculum through Singapore Maths methods, ensuring that all other areas of the maths curriculum are also covered. The Singapore Maths programme is based on the world renowned system in Singapore. It provides our pupils with a deep understanding of maths by employing a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach. Initially, pupils work with manipulatives (concrete resources) to ensure that they have a deep understanding of a concept before moving on to pictorial representations; finally, they reach the abstract stage (formal written recording of their work). By digging deep foundations in the early stages, we aim for our pupils to build their understanding and performance to a high level as they progress up the school. Another key element of this approach is mastery learning:  pupils are expected to master a topic at a level before moving onto a higher level or a new topic. The teaching of critical thinking skills and strategies for problem solving is embedded into the programme – one of the strengths of Singapore Maths is the use of the bar-model drawing method to represent word problems. The bar model enables children to tackle problems which they may not have been able to with a previous method.

In the EYFS (early years and foundation stages), alongside the national curriculum, children work on number recognition and subitizing (knowing a number without having to count it). This helps to build mental maths and number sense in preparation for higher up the school.

In KS1 and KS2 we use the My Pals are Here books which take the children through a variety of group learning and investigation activities before working independently on a topic.

my pals 1  my pals 2  my pals 3 (2)  my pals 4

Children from Year 3 to Year 6 also have access to MyMaths, an online programme which provides more practice of key maths skills. Children can log on to this both at home and in school and receive instant feedback. This supplements class learning and teachers will set relevant activities for children to complete.


To look in more detail about what is covered each year please see the National Curriculum document.