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Music is a huge part of our school life at St George’s!  We enjoy Singing Assemblies once a week on Monday mornings and often sing in class too for Collective Worship or songs relating to our learning.

St George’s has begun a new music scheme called Charanga Musical School which explores contemporary music as well as music through time with a full library of songs, topics, instrument courses and creative apps.

Music is also explored through our connected Edison curriculum to link in with our Topic learning.  Apps such as Garage Band help the children apply their skills in different ways.

Years 3 and 4 learn the Ukulele and have enjoyed practicing their new skills, whilst Year 5 and 6 often use large drums to compose rhythms.  The music room has a range of tuned and untuned perccussion to use.

Here are some websites to use at home:

Bring the noise! Lots of musical games:

Classics for kids:

Ten Pieces – Get Creative!

Dance with the Elements! PE cross curricular (KS1)–music-ks1-dance-with-the-elements/z7m2y9q

Live Lesson Party! from the BBC (KS2)


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