Resources & Games


barnaby bear

Travel around the world with Barnaby Bear






match it major countries

Match the country to the statement.

world capitals quiz

Do you know what country the capital cities are in?







world flags quiz

Can you identify the countries the flags are from?

flags of world

Choose a continent and see if you can identify the flags.






earth game

Learn about the different layers of the Earth from the core to the crust.


Learn all about Earthquakes.












Learn about the what, where, when & why of building a house with the Happy Gang.

rivers and coasts

Find out about about the natural world









How environmentally friendly are you? Learn more with the EIU (Environmental Intelligence Unit)

what is weather

What does it mean when we talk about the Weather? How does the weather effect where people live? Find out here.







Explore countries and top facts.

Live lessons on Science and Geography now available.