Numbers and Place Value

Resources & Games

Number Recognition & Counting


teddy numbers               underwater-counting


gingerbread man game               understanding numbers


whack a mole               counting cars


number square          letter post


number square game               number line


Place Value

BBC Bitesize has a great explanation of PLACE VALUE. Read it here

num & pv bbc school               place value charts


bamzooki place value headigs               place the penguins


flip chart              shark numbers


arrow cards               decimal place value


Skip counting 


counting in 10's ducks



Odd & Even Numbers


odd even 



Ordering and Sequencing


caterpillar ordering and sequencing               dragon ordering and sequencing


fairy fog


More Than/ Less Than


more than octopus

< = > signs

less than greater than alligator          less than greater than



estimate bees          estimate crayons


estimate marbles          estimate 2.






Roman Numerals


roman numerals abcya     roman numerals org     roman num spaceship