Learning Logs

Children in all classes throughout KS1 and KS2  are given ‘Learning Logs’ as part of the home learning. These are project books where the children take ownership of their learning; choosing which topic to find out about and how to present it. Teachers provide children with the areas they will cover in class and children choose to learn more about the parts that interest them the most. They work on them at home independently, supported by their parents/carers, and hand them in to teachers once a week. Topic areas will be stuck into learning logs each half term.

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Children’s feedback on learning logs:

Janii Y6– “Learning logs are really creative not like worksheets. You can use different styles and your imagination

Blessing Y6– “Learning logs help us with our learning because we can do it by ourselves and become independent learners.”

Ebenezer Y6– “ I like learning logs because you get to choose and you can learn about different things instead of just having questions set that you have to answer.”

Toyosi Y4“Learning logs make my brain grow and help me to have a growth mind set because I have a go by myself.”

Favour Y5“You can make it more fun for yourself and be really creative with what you learn”

Firdaos Y5– “Learning logs are so creative and you can make it your own.”

Priscilla Y2- “I like doing my Learning Log. It stretches my brain and helps me to learn more.”