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Terrific Tectonic Plates!

Year 6 finished their geography topic this week with a fun way to demonstrate movement of tectonic plates! 

This term, we have been learning all about the Earth's layers, how the tectonic plates move, earthquakes and volcanoes. We completed our topic by finishing our schema maps of everything that we had learnt and then had a go at a fun science task. Our science vision is:

Be academic. 

Be curious. 

Be practical. 

Being practical, we used crackers to represent the tectonic plates and whipped cream to represent the liquid mantle. Children moved the crackers in different ways to show how volcanoes are made, earthquakes can occur and how mountains are formed. Being academic, they enjoyed putting their knowledge into action! 

Alexia also brought in her previous science fair project where she made a model volcano and told us some more facts about them. 

Check out the photos below!

Schema maps:

Tectonic Plate Task:


Alexia's volcano project: 

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