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Mini Monets.

The monitoring of the seasons continues in Macmillan nursery class - take a look and see what we have been up to. 

No season of the year passes by in Macmillan nursery class without the children exploring and talking about  all the seasonal  changes going on around them and producing some great artwork

Once again, taking our inspiration from Monet, the nursery have been trying out their great colour mixing skills, creating their own versions of Monet's 'Summer Garden'.

We have also been inspired, once again, by our  large tree in  the early years outdoor area and have  created  another  tree collage - this time our picture  shows all the summer leaves, a butterfly, and some of our flowers.

Nursery have really  been living up to our Early Years Vision - Be an Explorer. Be a Trier. Be a Talker. Be a Creator.


Our inspiration - Monet's 'Summer Garden'

Creating colours


Mini Monets

Creating collage on a large scale



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