Accidents and illness:

Each year we will ask you to update an information slip giving your contact number and the number of an alternative adult we can contact if your child has an accident at school or becomes ill. It is very important that you let us know if this should change during the year.

Slight accidents will be treated in school, usually by a member of the support staff with first aid training. If an accident is serious we will call an ambulance. Your child will be accompanied by a member of staff until you or an appropriate adult has arrived. We will inform you of the situation immediately.

All accidents are investigated and recorded. We always notify parents if a head injury has occurred.


Parents wishing children to take medication must contact the school. If the school agrees, a request form must be completed by a parent/carer. These forms are available in the school admin office. The medication must be sent to school in the container it was prescribed in. The container must be clearly labelled with the child’s name and class. The exact dosage to be given should be written on the request form.

We expect asthmatic children to be able to administer their own medication. Again inhalers must be clearly labelled with name and class.

Medical Inspections:

The school nurse visits the school on a regular basis. Parents and teachers are entitled to request a medical. Such consultations may be for educational, medical or social reasons. Please contact the school administration officer if you wish to arrange a medical. Letters are sent prior to consultations and you will be requested to attend with your child.

The dentist also visits school. This is only for inspection purposes and the dentist will inform you if any treatment is necessary.

Head Lice:

We ask you to check your child’s hair regularly for head lice. Please use the current recommended treatment e.g. conditioner or lotion, on the whole family, and inform us if you find head lice on your child.