School Meals

All children currently in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are eligible for free school meals as part of the Government’s Healthy Start policy.

School Meals for Children in years 3-6 cost £2.35 per day.

  • All school meal payments  must be paid in advance.  Payments should be made in weekly, monthly, half-termly or full-termly blocks.
  • Should your child not eat a lunch i.e. off sick/school trip etc. then your child will be in credit to the value of the lunch she/he has not eaten.


Please assist us by sending in your payments on Monday mornings, remembering to pay at the beginning of each period.  This will ensure that reminder letters will not be sent to you weekly.

Please ensure when you pay your child’s dinner money that cash is sent in an envelope (marked clearly with your child’s name and class).  If paying by cheque please put their name and class on the back of the cheque.  Please make cheque payable to St George’s Primary School.

If you are having difficulty paying for your child’s school meals please speak to someone in the school office.

Meal Options:

If your child is going to have school lunches, she/he should have school lunches for the whole of the current half term.  If they are going to change their meal option they can only do so at the beginning of a new half term.  Please remember to notify the school office (this will avoid your being charged incorrectly).

Autumn Term 2020 Menu

There is also the option for you to provide your child with a Healthy packed lunch.  Do not include sweets, chocolate, biscuits, fizzy drinks etc.

Listed below are the half termly costs per child:

Autumn Term 2020

Friday 4 Sept – Friday 23 Oct = £84.60

Monday 2 Nov – Friday 18 Dec = £82.25

Spring Term 2021 

Tues 5 Jan – Fri 12 Feb = £68.15

Mon 22 Feb – Weds 31 March = £65.80

Summer Term 2021

Tues 20 Apr – Fri 28 May = £65.80

Mon 7 June – Fri 23 July = £82.25


The cost of school meals are £2.35 per day.